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In 2021, Ülker, the world’s leading biscuit exporter, controls a significant portion of the 650 million dollar biscuit and chocolate export market, which includes Godiva. It continues to produce and export from many parts of Turkey such as Gebze, Topkapı, Silivri, Karaman.

In addition to being a food group product, Godiva should be stored at appropriate temperatures against the possibility of melting. While this situation is a warning even for the consumer, it has a priority that should be paid more attention to during the export phase. Turkish Goods appears at this stage. With special technology protection and transportation systems, our employees ensure that Godiva continues its journey without losing its taste and shape.



We can say that Belgian chocolate is the first chocolate that comes to mind in the world. Godiva is the branded legend of Belgian Chocolate with both its consistency and delicious structure. The history of chocolate, which is produced by blending passion and taste, is based in Brussels. The name Godiva was started in 1926 by the chocolate master Pierre Draps. The continuation of the merger of this iconic chocolate brand with art continued with the incorporation of the Ülker brand of Yıldız Holding in 2007.

Godiva Production

It continues its production and sales with more than 600 boutiques and stores in more than 100 countries. Adopting the innovative style with a traditional approach, Godiva has shown the whole world that chocolate can be a legend with its many varieties. While adding vegan options to its production, it continues to try new flavors that are unique to many countries of the world. Godiva chocolates, which have many varieties from orange to raspberry, from milk to bitter, are among the most exported chocolate products, especially with their gift concepts. Especially the majority of the production is done in Topkapı, Istanbul.

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Min. Purc. Amt.

10 Ton

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All Countries

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