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A jar full of happiness, Nutella, first comes to mind when we have a craving for sweets. Spread it on a piece of bread, eat it with a spoon or mix it with milk to make your own hot cocoa. We love to eat Nutella in many different ways. It all depends on your creativity. Nutella’s own story also started with creativity. Cocoa was a scarce ingredient after World War II. This caused a problem when it comes to making chocolate and other products that contained cocoa. Ferrero, however, found a solution to this problem and created a paste from cocoa, hazelnuts, and sugar. This was the first product resembling what we know as Nutella today.

After a few different products, the recipe for Nutella came to be in 1964. This was the first hazelnut and cocoa cream in a jar. The iconic jar that Nutella is mostly known for, however, was designed in 1965. Today, Nutella is still sold in this iconic jar with its unique formulation.

Turkey’s Hazelnuts in Nutella

What makes Nutella so special is this unique formulation and taste. It is important to maintain this taste and produce the same, high-quality product each time. Nutella’s legendary taste comes from the high-quality hazelnuts used in the making. While Nutella uses hazelnuts coming from various countries, three main countries provide hazelnuts for Nutella: Turkey, Italy, and Chile.

Turkey is quite famous for its delicious hazelnuts. Therefore, hazelnuts are one of the fundamental products Turkey exports to countries all around the world. Turkey exported 344,370 tons of hazelnuts to 122 countries in 2021. The revenue generated from this export was over 2 billion dollars.

Turkish Goods provides the best quality Nutella and exports to every corner of the globe. Turkish Goods’ professional team offering service in 13 languages makes the process easy and safe for everyone involved. You can contact Turkish Goods and get the best offer for Nutella in 48 hours.

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