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The Turkish cosmetics and hair care products industry’s exports are on the rise. Exports of cosmetics and personal care products increased from US$ 61 million in 2000 to US$ 696 million in 2016. This high increase in export value can undoubtedly be attributed to the sector’s recent modernization and technological advancements.


Haircare Products 

Haircare consists of five main categories: shampoo, conditioner, color, styling products, and hair oil. The shampoo has the greatest proportion of the hair care market and is undergoing product innovation as a result of changing client demands throughout the world. Conditioners and shampoos are frequently available together as two-in-one products. Due to the aging population and the need to retain a young appearance, hair color is becoming increasingly popular. Mousse, sprays, serums, and gels are examples of styling products. Consumers are interested in hair oil because of its advantages of strengthening, nourishing, stimulating quicker growth and reducing hair loss. 

Export and Production in Turkey

The market for cosmetics and personal care goods in Turkey rises by an average of 10% every year, depending on the country’s economic progress. Natural cosmetics and personal care products are projected to account for around 5% of the market. This condition is similar to the global market. Only ten percent of the things sold in Turkey are made in the country.

Haircare items account for the majority of the sector’s products. About 59 percent of hair care products are shampoos. Natural soaps, shampoos, various hair care products, hair dyes, skincare products, body care products, and other natural cosmetics have just begun to be manufactured in Turkey. Many small-scale businesses around the country specialize in the manufacturing of natural soap and shampoo. Turkey produces significant quantities of world-famous ‘laurel’ and ‘olive’ oil soaps.

The majority of global firms in the cosmetics industry produce and market their products in Turkey. Turkish hair care products manufacturers closely follow the latest national and international developments in the environment. You can import the best quality hair care products thanks to Turkish Goods. Get your pricing offer in 48 hours and enjoy the quality at the best price. 


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Min. Purc. Amt.

10.000 Pieces

Product Type

Hair care

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