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The battery production factory established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 2020 can be seen as a vital move for Turkey to grow in the sector. Smartphone factories that have been set up in Turkey in recent years and electric vehicles, which Turkey intends to start production in 20202, will increase the production of lithium batteries. If you want to buy batteries that suit your needs, you can take advantage of the pricing and secure supply services offered by Turkish Goods within 48 hours.



The battery is an electronic device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It is mainly located at the ends of the anode (-) and cathode (+). The ions of the electrolytes at the anodes move, revealing electrical energy. With the advance of technology, batteries that can be charged, producing much more electricity with a single cell, have been produced. In recent years, with the increase of electric vehicles, the development of the telephone, computer technology, battery production, and trade is increasing. So, what are the types of batteries, and what is Turkey’s share of the market?

What are the types of batteries?

  • Alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries: They are non-rechargeable and used and discarded batteries.
  • Lithium polymer and lithium-ion: They are rechargeable batteries. It generates the batteries of phones and computers. In addition, lithium polymer batteries are used in remote-controlled vehicles and robotic structures.
  • Watch battery:  it requires using lower energy in watches, calculators, and simple electronic devices. 

Battery Production and Market Shares in the World

In 2018, sector members stated that it would be right to support technological instruments with powerful battery technologies as a final declaration at the Mobile World Congress. The production of lithium-ion batteries is usually in the hands of major countries including Turkey. Especially depending on the developments in automobile technology, the electric vehicle variety is expected to exceed 500 in the coming years. For example, between 2016 and 2020, the production of lithium-ion batteries used in electric car batteries increased by 521 percent.


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