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Since Turkey is a country where the leading companies of both the electrical appliances and automotive sectors have established factories and production facilities, the electric motor trade is open for development. According to the Turkish Investment Office, Turkey has more than 200 machine products distribution centers and over 17,000 domestic and foreign enterprises in Turkey. Especially in the export of white goods engines, Turkish companies meet the needs of the European region. You can satisfy your needs with price buying and safe supply service within 48 hours offered by Turkish Goods. 



Engine technology has started to change with the advancement of technology, the formation of high-efficiency energy demand, and the prevalence of robotic tools. Therefore, the market share size of electric motors is increasing. Electric motors are now used in many different industries such as industry, automotive, heating, cooling systems, and electrical appliances. So how do electric motors work, what are they bringing to the sector and what is the role of Turkey in this market?

Functioning of Electric Motors and Types of Electric Motors

First, electric motors are created by combining many intermediate parts, so they offer employment and production opportunities in multiple sectors. Rotor, air gap, commutator, stator, bearings, and windings are available. Electric motors usually have two types of motors: AC and DC type motors.

AC-Type Motors: AC-type motors are the preferred type of engine in projects requiring high power and frequency.   Since it has a high energy magnetic field, efficiency increases in the area where it is used. It allows machines to act quickly in situations that require movement and speed. In addition, it can be preferred due to its low maintenance needs and ease to repair.

DC-Type Motors: It can be preferred in companies that need high power, torque, and speed. The most distinctive feature of this system, which works with a brushed motor, converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.  Thanks to the brush and commutator, they require less maintenance and cleaning. The diameter of motors is longer than other engines and they consume less energy. It offers efficient operation thanks to its high torque values in a relatively short period.    

The State of Engines in the World Market

Considering that electric motors are used in industrial machinery, heating and cooling systems, electrical appliances, aviation and transportation, and motor vehicles, their share in the world market are constantly increasing. In 2017, electric motors were beneficial for industrial machinery due to the increased interest in compressors in the automobile sector. In turn, the global electric motor market will grow from $96,967.9 million in 2017 to $136,496.1 million by 2025. 

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