Gluten-Free Flour

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As the importance of product diversity in healthy life increases, the interest of manufacturers in new products also increases. The importance of gluten-free flour in terms of both health and quality of life has also increased the demand. Especially in recent years, gluten-free flour production has swelled up as well as exports from Turkey have gained momentum. With the rightful pride of having a large supplier database, Turkish Goods delivers the gluten-free flour you want to export to those who demand it.

Gluten is a vegetable protein present in wheat, barley, and rye grains. It maintains the consistency of gluten-containing products, achieves the desired flexibility and softness, and functions as a binder. However, it can also induce bloating in some people by causing sensitivity. Gluten, unlike other proteins, can reach the small intestine without being broken down following contact with stomach acid in people who have a hereditary susceptibility. It can later constitute celiac disease-specific tissue damage in this moiety. Gluten-free flour can be used as an alternative to wheat and other grain flours. It is a special product, especially for those who are sensitive to gluten. In addition to minimizing the health problems of celiac patients, it is also preferred by dieters. It is a qualified flour type, especially in terms of being used in the production of products such as bread, pies, and cakes.

Gluten-Free Flour Production

Gluten-free flours made from rye, chickpeas, oats, carob, hazelnuts, rice, almonds, and quinoa are among celiac sufferers’ first choices, as well as having an incredibly strong flavor. Furthermore, these forms of flour, which are favored by people who want to avoid gluten, are typically made from the grinding of legumes. While gluten-free flour is produced, gluten analysis is carried out in independent accredited laboratories during the manufacturing phase and packaged end product analyses. It is not shipped in any way before the analysis results are received.

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Min. Purc. Amt.

10 Ton

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