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Location Bursa, Sakarya
Min. Purc. Amt. 10.000 Pieces
Product Type Bottled Water
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According to the Association of Packaged Water Producers (SUDER), the amount of pet bottled water produced in 2021 is 10.3 billion liters. Of this, 5.6 billion liters of water is dispenser size water, while 4.7 billion liters are pet bottled water. The total turnover in the sector is approximately 7.8 billion Turkish Liras. The UK and Germany are the top export countries in Europe. In addition, countries such as Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain supply water from Turkey. Factories that are capable of meeting the demand that will increase in 2022 are located where transportation and logistics can be provided comfortably. You can meet your needs within 48 hours through Turkish Goods, which provides price information and supplier service. You can contact Turkish Goods for more detailed information.


Water is an indispensable drink for the continuation of vitality. In addition to the sensation we use for cleaning, cooking, and other hits in daily life, there is also water that we consume as drinking water. With the increasing urbanization, the cleanliness of the waters has become important. In order to access drinkable water, we need pet water produced in factories with special techniques. From 0.33 liters to 19  liters, water produced in different sizes can meet your drinking water needs. Although it is usually put in plastic bottles, glass bottles have also become widespread in recent years. 

Spring Water Production in Turkey

The water in the pet bottles is prepared by filling from the source waters. Turkey is one of the countries producing the most pet bottled water in Europe with its rich groundwater. Especially Sakarya and Bursa are the provinces that stand out in spring water production. According to the legislation determined by the Ministry of Health, pet water is sold in both domestic and foreign markets. Due to convenient filling costs and the use of more economical pet bottles, quality water in Turkey is more economical than in the European market. 

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Bursa, Sakarya

Min. Purc. Amt.

10.000 Pieces

Product Type

Bottled Water

Shipping to

All Countries

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