Icumsa 45 Sugar

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Min. Purc. Amt. 10 Ton
Product Type Icumsa 45 Sugar
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Location Turkey

Icumsa 45 Sugar is what is most commonly known as white sugar, making up 48% of global sugar exports. Its pure nature and brightness make it quite unique and the most sought-after sugar in the world. Icumsa 45 Sugar is obtained from sugarcane juice extracted from sugarcane. It is exceptionally white without the need for colorants which makes it one-of-a-kind. Being the highest quality sugar, it is also highly refined. Icumsa 45 Sugar is known to be safer due to this refining process that removes contaminants as well as bacteria that are found in raw sugar. Due to its characteristics that make it the highest quality sugar, Icumsa 45 Sugar is the ingredient behind all the desserts and sweets.

Sugar is a vital product that is key to anything sweet and delicious. While sugar is not the most beneficial ingredient to consume, there is more to know about sugar than what meets the eye. Not all sugar is bad for health. Added sugar is the ingredient that you should look out for. Yet, what matters is the amount consumed. Whether it is added or natural sugar, it is processed the same in the body. Therefore, the amount of sugar consumed plays an important role in terms of health. It is better to limit the sugar intake per day than to cut it altogether out of your diet.

Features of Icumsa 45 Sugar

  • Highest quality sugar
  • Crystal white without added colorants
  • Safe refining process
  • 24-month shelf life when stored in a dry and cool place.

Turkish Goods provides the best quality Icumsa 45 Sugar to its partners all around the world. With a 600-person team working in 13 languages, Turkish Goods focuses on creating the best experience for its customers. Making the entire process easy and seamless, Turkish Goods offers a globally unique wholesale price in 48 hours.

Additional information

Min. Purc. Amt.

10 Ton

Product Type

Icumsa 45 Sugar

Shipping to

All Countries



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