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Hawthorn tree grows in all regions of Turkey with bushes, mountains, and stream slopes. It is sufficient to irrigate the tree, which does not require irrigation, only at the developmental stage. In later periods, rainwater is sufficient for the growth of the tree. Hawthorn berry, which is frequently consumed by local people, has started to attract great attention from abroad.

Import Hawthorn Berry from Turkey

Hawthorn is a fruit with a very rich content, which is still consumed from ancient times. Hawthorn berry grows on a tree with thorns. Hawthorn fruit and leaves are healing sources. The fruit is usually offered for sale in October. It not only eliminates possible problems that occur in daily life but also protects against serious diseases. 

The fruits turn yellowish red when ripe. Hawthorn, which has a round appearance, is sometimes used as an ornamental plant. Hawthorn can be consumed directly in the form of fruit, or it can be consumed by making tea from dried hawthorn. Hawthorn is generally used in the manufacture of herbal medicines. Hawthorn is also frequently used in jam and marmalade production.

Benefits of Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berry is generally used for its health benefits. It

  • speeds up the healing process of heart disease considerably,
  • prevents aging,
  • protects cardiovascular health,
  • prevents cancer,
  • accelerates calorie burning.

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