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In 2020, 17 million 745 thousand dollars were earned in exchange for the export of 18 thousand 500 tons of strawberries to 40 countries. Whereas this year, 37 thousand 747 tons of strawberries were exported to 40 countries for 41 million 642 thousand dollars in the same period. Nearly 60 percent of exports were made to Russia, followed by Romania, Iraq, and Georgia. Strawberries also have a competitive advantage in the market since they ripen when fresh fruit is scarce. Turkey’s strawberry production and exports are increasing rapidly. Strawberry production in Turkey started in the 1970s and reached a large production capacity in a short time. They are grown in the Sultanhisar district of Aydın and are especially preferred abroad due to their quality, taste, and long shelf life.


Strawberry, which is the indispensable ingredient of desserts and fruit plates with its bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness, is loved by everyone. Strawberry is a fruit that is consumed fondly all over the planet. It is a vitamin-rich fruit that can be consumed in its processed form as well as consumed fresh. It is also used extensively in making jam, marmalade, or fruit juice. Thanks to new agriculture methods and developed export networks, strawberries reach every country. Strawberries have gained great importance in terms of exports, especially in recent years.

The most essential aspect of strawberry’s growing popularity has been its cost-effective cultivation in a variety of climatic and soil conditions. Strawberries can grow in cold weather conditions down to approximately -8 °C. The most suitable soil for strawberry cultivation is sandy-loam soils. It can be grown frequently in regions with a Mediterranean climate. The Mediterranean climate is hot and dry in summer, warm and rainy in winter. The Mediterranean, Aegean, and Marmara regions are the most prolific producers of strawberry fruit, respectively. The province with the highest strawberry production is Muğla.



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