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Turkey is the second-largest watermelon-producing country in the world. It is known that it is possible to grow watermelon everywhere in Turkey. But in some regions, it is grown more often. Diyarbakir is the province that produces the largest amount of watermelon. Apart from Diyarbakir, watermelons are also grown in some regions of Turkey. One of them is Adana, which is located in the Mediterranean Region. Apart from Adana, watermelons are also grown in Central Anatolia. It is known that watermelons are grown in Ankara and Çankırı provinces in Central Anatolia.


Import Watermelon from Turkey

Watermelon is a plant in the Cucurbitaceae family that produces fruits in the shape of a big ball. A watermelon’s weight can range from 1.5-2 kilos to 8-10 kilograms. Watermelon is fruit sensitive to cold that grows in temperate areas. Watermelon is the most widely consumed and produced fruit in the world, coming in second only to tomato. Its water content is around 92 percent.

Watermelon can be eaten raw or sliced ​​as refreshing fruit. In addition, marmalade and pickles can be made from watermelon peels. It can be used in making molasses. In the industrial field, watermelon is used as a flavoring to candies and chewing gums.

Benefits of Watermelon

  • Watermelon
  • regulates blood pressure and controls blood pressure
  • is a cancer-fighting food
  • prevents the accumulation of fat in the body
  • protects the heart by neutralizing free radicals and reducing oxidative stress
  • is a very good antioxidant
  • regulates digestion and prevents constipation and indigestion
  • strengthens memory thanks to the choline it contains
  • reduces muscle pain and shortens the recovery time after exercise

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