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Office chairs vary according to their types. Chairs that can carry less weight are usually produced using plastic material. Some are made of strong and durable steel. The best bases are made of aluminum, and there are also bases made of wood. There are also ergonomic office chairs with painted chrome bases. In any case, there are buyers of all types, and the scale of production is generally high. Turkey is a pioneer in the production of office chair materials, as well as competent in the production of office chairs. You can visit Turkish Goods for your office chair needs. From Turkey’s office chair exporters, we deliver the highest quality products to you with a planned method.

The office chair also called the task chair, is specially produced for the people working at the desk. Office chairs are designed for the comfort of people who have desk jobs all the time. It prevents posture disorders and provides a more comfortable working order.

Office chairs were designed by developing operator-style chairs designed for typist people to type more comfortably. Although there are many types of office chairs, the common feature of all of them is to increase productivity. It is preferred for offices with its designs with rotating wheels and breathable fabric.

Types of Office Chairs

Office chairs should generally be preferred according to the duration of the work or the needs of the person. Although there are many types of specially produced chairs, the most well-known ones are ergonomic, mesh, and leather models. In particular, company executives choose leather seats for a more comfortable and elite look, while ergonomic style office chairs are chosen for meeting rooms. Mesh chairs, on the other hand, are preferred by individuals who work for a long time, as they do not make the person sweat. Apart from these, even if they are armless office chairs, they are not preferred much. The first three types are diversified by improving or changing their materials.

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Min. Purc. Amt.

10.000 Pieces

Product Type

Office Chair

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All Countries

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