Group Companies

Our main goal is to continue to create added value for our customers with an understanding that focuses on global markets and creates innovative products and services. In this direction, our strong organizational structure and the extraordinary relations between our companies enable us to always serve you better.
Tor Holding
Tor Holding The leading group of companies, has become a community that grows with innovative approaches. The importance Tor Holding attaches to growth is higher than ever as the company keeps up with changing dynamics. More Details
Agrowell A prominent agricultural products company, Agrowell, takes it as its duty to deliver high-performance products with the help of innovation and technology at every point to its partner, Turkish Goods. The company assists in producing and supplying high-quality products by using its expertise in the field and following a consistent quality standard. More Details
Tor Advisory
Tor Advisory With its years of comprehensive experience, Tor Advisory provides legal consulting services in the process of importing products and their related operational fields with expert legal advisors to make sure every international customer gets smooth and functioning services without going through challenges known to global trade. More Details
Trem Chart
Trem Chart As a maritime and logistics company, Trem Chart provides a profound platform to meet the needs of logistic processes as it focuses on bringing the best solutions for every shipping and transit operation during your import activities. Trem Chart offers extensive services including air and sea freight, land transport and groupage. More Details
Orange World Media
Orange World Media As a creative agency, Orange World Media uses integrated tools to help clients achieve their business goals. Orange World Media delivers result-oriented and effective private labels for businesses to enhance brand awareness and boost sales by implementing the latest design elements that reflect quality work and high precision in detail. More Details
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