Ariel Detergent

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Product Type Ariel Detergent
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Ariel laundry detergent is a brand owned by Procter & Gamble, a versatile cosmetic and detergent company. Headquartered in America, this company owns many well-known products and brands and has given them the right to continue production and export in many countries. The detergent brand, which we can call the meeting of cleanliness with health, is also renewing its technologies to ensure the longevity of clothes. Ariel laundry detergent, which was first produced in 1967, is seen as the savior of whites and laundry of color.

Ariel Detergent Production

Like many brands that have adopted the logic of sustainability, Ariel draws attention because it is in this lane. Since the products are produced using 100% electricity, they attract a great deal of attention from the customers. Ariel, which is produced more effectively, offers the opportunity to wash clothes in cold water, in order to refute the thesis, which is common in the world, that the laundry is better washed in hot water. While the particles in it penetrate the laundry, it allows you to achieve a perfect result without leaving any residue. Because it can be washed in cold water, it supports the slogan of less energy, a happier world.

Ariel Detergent Export in Turkey

Turkey’s chemical exports, including detergent, were $ 2.1 billion in January 2022, up 30% over the same month the previous year. While Ariel detergent is also included in this system, the increase in preference rates directs companies to export. So, do the problems that may be encountered in exports make people hesitate to take this step? In general, all companies answer yes to this question. But those who meet with Turkish Goods do not even think of this matter. Turkish Products, the fast and secure name of air, land, and sea transit, facilitates your export stages.

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Min. Purc. Amt.

10 Ton

Product Type

Ariel Detergent

Shipping to

All Countries

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