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Personal hygiene and medical products attracted great attention. In 2020, Turkey’s disposable medical mask and cologne exports increased by 21.6 times compared to 2019, reaching 244.9 million dollars. In 2020, disposable medical mask exports increased by 123 times over the previous year, reaching a new record with 216 million 678 thousand 896 dollars. Exports of medical masks totaled 1.8 million dollars in 2019.


Medical Mask Production in Turkey

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting the world, the mask has become an accessory that we must constantly use in our daily lives. During certain periods of the pandemic, there was a shortage of protective equipment in many countries. However, Turkey has achieved unprecedented success in producing health equipment, especially masks, since the beginning of the pandemic. So much so that Turkey sends the masks it produced to other countries. Thus, a significant process with tremendous contributions to the economy began.

In Turkey, masks are produced in sterile environments free from viruses and bacteria. They serve the purpose of protecting people from viruses and bacteria. Untouched medical masks reach consumers in the most hygienic way possible, both at home and abroad.

Germany was the country with the biggest demand for disposable medical masks produced in Turkey in 2020, with 31.4 million dollars in sales. France came in second with 25 million dollars, followed by Libya (13.9 million dollars), China (13.8 million dollars), and Romania (12.1 million dollars).

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Min. Purc. Amt.

10.000 Pieces

Product Type

Medical Mask

Shipping to

All Countries



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