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Having a fundamental place in Turkish cuisine, butter production is significantly increasing each year in Turkey. According to the TUIK report, 84,826 tons of butter was produced in 2021 which set a new record for butter production per year. In 2021, butter production increased by 23,9% compared to the year before.

According to TUIK, Turkey exported 3,238,512 kg of butter in 2021. The revenue generated was 16,117,170 dollars. The revenue worth increased by 78,28% compared to the year before in terms of export. Egypt is the country Turkey exports the most butter to by 49,33%. Russia follows Egypt by 15,85% and Azerbaijan follows by 5,69%.

Butter holds a special place in Turkish cuisine. The most delicious meals and desserts’ secret lies in the high-quality butter that is used. Butter is also a common product in Turkish breakfast. Often paired with some bread and jam or honey, butter is considered to be a healthy product when consumed in moderation. Butter contains a high amount of beta-carotene which lowers the chances of cancer. Butter also contains vitamin D and calcium, known to be important for bone development and health.

A city in the Black Sea region known for its lush green view, Trabzon, is also where the best butter is produced in Turkey. Even though there are many different types of butter, the butter produced in Trabzon has a unique taste, aroma, and color that is loved by many.

Butter Production and Export in Turkey

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