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Silk is one of the oldest textiles and is particularly associated with luxury. It’s durable, versatile, and manages to keep you cool in hot temperatures. When it comes to texture, silk provides comfort, durability, and elegance. It is a sustainable fabric with a rich history and comes from one of the cocoons created by the larvae of the silkworms. Turkey is among the leading countries when it comes to silk production & trade.

Turkey’s Silk Trade

Silk is the world’s 95th most traded product. Turkey is the 3rd fastest-growing country in silk trade with %61.1 growth, accounting for $4.86M. Turkey is developing in production when it comes to silk and it has a $12.8M export value. Turkish Goods choose the best silk from the manufacturers offering the best price and quality. 

Turkey’s Silk Production

Although sericulture can be done twice a year, only spring feeding is done in Turkey because it is more cost-effective. Incubated silkworms are transported to producers in early April in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, where the weather heats up earlier, and in late April and early May in other locations, and fed. Producers give their products to the Union after a total of 40 days, including a one-month feeding phase and a ten-day cocoon knitting time. Silkworm eggs are available in whole and half cartons. It comes in a whole box with 20,000 live eggs and a half box with 10,000 live eggs. 1 package of silkworms can produce up to 40 kg of merchandise. Although there are variations depending on geography and manufacturing experience, the average in Turkey is 25-30 kg.


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10 Ton

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