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Games and toys play an important role for children in increasing their social, cognitive, and physical development. It is important to choose toys suitable for children’s age and health conditions during their development. So, what should be the choice of toys according to your children’s age and what are the types of educational games?  

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Choosing Toys for Age Groups

Choosing suitable toys for age groups contributes to the mental development of your children. Moreover, it will provide for a pleasant growth period. When choosing appropriate toys according to age, the toy you choose should contribute to the long educational development of the children. Children who develop the ability to separate, combine and group after a certain age can reinforce these skills thanks to their toys. Toys that can be selected by age are as follows:

0-1 years: Toys can be selected to improve your children’s visual, auditory, and touch skills as their motor skills begin to improve from the sixth month. You can buy toys with sound, music, and lights.

2 years: Around the age of 2, your child can learn numbers, letters, and colors. Toys that improve memory can be preferred during this period.

3-6 years old: During this period, you can observe children’s interests and relevance, and toys that they love should be given. Toys with details that support muscle development and more mechanical toys are preferable.

What are the Types of Educational Toys?

Educational toy types can be toys that teach your child letters and numbers, improve their analytical intelligence, and gain ability. We can list educational toys as follows:

Legos: Nested Legos are preferred to create an object or shape rather than stacked Legos.  

Play Dough: It contributes to the development of hand skills with shaping, tightening, and breaking movements.

Puzzle: Puzzles larger than 12 pieces can be used to improve analytical intelligence. It can be helpful for the whole piece-to-part relationship to form in your children’s minds.  

Blackboard: In pre-school education, the blackboard can help your children recognize letters and improve their motor skills.

Playing House Toys: For both boys and girls, house toys can be helpful in terms of comprehending social life and their environment. They can learn domestic order through toys.

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