Best Autumn Vegetables to Import from Turkey

The autumn season may adversely affect the body's resistance with sudden drops in degrees after the summer temperatures.  It is important to protect our body's resistance in autumn and to enter the winter months much healthier and stronger.  For a healthy immune system, it is necessary to obtain the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. For these reasons, to obtain vitamins and minerals naturally, it is very important to consume fresh vegetables produced in their season.

Turkey is a country that produces hundreds of types of vegetables thanks to its rich and fertile soil. Turkey is one of the world's leading exporters in vegetable production and export. In 2021, Turkey earned 875.7 million dollars worth of foreign exchange income from its vegetable exports. Russia, Germany, Iraq, Ukraine, and Romania are among the countries with the highest demand for vegetables. So, what are the best fresh autumn vegetables produced and exported in Turkey? 


Cabbage is a vegetable in the cruciferous family and is like a natural medicine with its health benefits. It is also a functional vegetable in terms of consumption. Optionally, it can be consumed raw, pickled, in soup, or stuffed.

Cabbage is a vegetable grown in cold regions and the cities with the highest cabbage production in Turkey are Niğde, Artvin, Düzce, and Ordu. In 2021, only Niğde produced approximately 140 thousand tons of cabbage. Also, in the same year, Niğde exported cabbage to Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


Leek is a vegetable that is a miracle for the immune system, especially due to the rich minerals and vitamins it contains.

It is generally grown in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa in Turkey. Leek exports from Turkey to the EU reached 9 thousand 578 tons in 2021. The foreign exchange income obtained from exports is 5 million 185 dollars. In 2021, the export rate of leeks increased by about five cards compared to the previous year, while the amount of foreign currency obtained increased by 378%.


Cauliflower, which is one of the most consumed vegetables in autumn, is very beneficial for the digestive system. Thanks to its high fiber content, it also supports natural weight loss. It has a large production area in Turkey. Cauliflower is usually grown in the Mediterranean and Central Black Sea Regions. 

Turkey is among the leading countries in cauliflower production. ın 2021, Turkey exported 7,736 tons of cauliflower, and revenue generated 4 million 438 thousand 324 dollars in foreign currency. Cauliflower production has increased by 182% compared to 2020. The leading countries in cauliflower export are Russia and the USA.


Carrot is an extremely tasty and nutritious vegetable. It is a source of potassium and antioxidants It is a very important vegetable for the immune system. 85% to 95% of a carrot consists of water. There are different colors, varieties, and sizes of carrots. Although each different type of carrot has its own unique flavor, carrots are a vegetable that adds flavor to salads, foods, and desserts.

Carrots are mostly grown in the Mediterranean and Central Anatolia regions of Turkey. According to the data shared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2021, 30,893 tons of carrots grown in Turkey are exported from Konya, and approximately 130,000 tons from Mersin, İskenderun, and Edirne.  About 65% of Turkey's carrot export is supplied from Konya. Among the countries where carrots are exported from Turkey, there are Middle Eastern Countries, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece.


Spinach is a vegetable rich in protein and vitamins and is used as a supplement in the treatment of many diseases. In particular, it is recommended to consume spinach against the flu with the arrival of cold weather.

Turkey is among the top five countries in spinach production and export. Spinach produced in Turkey is exported all over the world. The most spinach production in Turkey is made in Ankara, Samsun, Manisa, Bursa, Tokat, Sakarya, Mersin, Adana, Balıkesir, Osmaniye provinces and especially in İzmir. According to the data shared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 229,793 tons of spinach were produced in Turkey in 2022. 


Radish is a vegetable known for its numerous benefits among people. So much so that there is even a saying in Turkish society, ‘like a radish’. In order to be prepared for the cold winter months, it is beneficial to consume radish, the health store of the autumn season.

Radish production in Turkey is carried out in the Mediterranean Region. An important part of radish cultivation takes place in Osmaniye. Radish is a vegetable whose export volume increases from year to year in Turkey.


Celery is a rich mineral and beneficial vegetable in the parsley family. It is an important vegetable, especially for the digestive system. Celery is an autumn vegetable as it grows in warm and cool weather. 

Celery is mostly grown in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of Turkey. According to the data announced in 2022, İzmir was the province that produced and exported the most celery. According to the same data, İzmir supplies 45% of Turkey's total celery production with 23 thousand tons of celery.


Broccoli, the most consumed vegetable in the autumn and winter months, reduces the risk of catching many diseases, especially cancer. Turkey continues to increase its production and export rates every year for broccoli production and export. The country with the highest broccoli export from Turkey is the USA. Also, the USA is particularly demanding of organic broccoli. In Turkey, broccoli is produced especially in İzmir, Bursa, Akşehir, Niğde, Konya and Eskişehir.

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