Food Expositions in Turkey You Shouldn’t Miss

The food sector offers several chances for education, innovation, networking, and discovery. This is thanks to the trade exhibitions and other events that happen throughout the year.

For ages, trade exhibitions have been an important sales and marketing strategy. They provide a professional setting for businesses to promote their products, share knowledge, and discuss industry trends.

Here are the major upcoming food expositions and events in Turkey that you shouldn’t miss in 2022.

CNR Food Istanbul

CNR Food Istanbul is a worldwide business-to-business meeting point. At the Expo, visitors may learn about the newest advances and obtain a broad outlook on industrial variety. The fair is a one-of-a-kind commercial platform that will help the industry strengthen its position in global competition by guiding it to generate more value-added, innovative, trustworthy, and certified consumer goods.

CNR Food Istanbul plans to be arranged on 60,000 sqm of space with over 1,000 brands, attracting 35,000 professional visitors. And it is backed by the Istanbul Exporters' Association. Professionals from the food and beverage sectors around the world will come together in one place.

Drawing a lot of attention from exhibitors and visitors in 2021, CNR Food Istanbul will continue to attract visitors between August 31 and September 3, 2022.

CNR Food Istanbul in 2021

CNR Food Istanbul 2021 welcomed over 2,000 brands from over 20 countries. The Netherlands, Iraq, Iran, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Afghanistan, France, Ukraine, and Russia were all represented by food and beverage companies. Many more countries participated in the Expo, including Lithuania, Somalia, Jordan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, and Poland.

Stars of the Expo were the Chocolate and Confectionery Special Section, and the Special Drinks and Gourmet Special Section.

A new milestone has been reached in the promotion of Turkey's food and beverage sector, with the Special Drinks and Gourmet Special Department. It was established in 2021 with the official approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

According to the official statement, around 2,500 buyers from various countries visited the Expo. And it was held at the CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center. These nations included Poland, Greece, Iraq, the Netherlands, India, Kenya, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Czechia, Albania, Macedonia, and Hungary.

Mersin Gıda

The largest food platform in the Mediterranean, Mersin Gıda, assembles the whole food sector in Mersin. And over the years it has become an important center of food production and exportation for Turkey.

Hundreds of product varieties, ranging from citrus fruits to frozen food, seafood, olive oil, tahini, pulses, and ready meals, are presented at Mersin Gıda. In fact, it quickly became the industry and region's most significant gathering place. Tens of thousands of goods from more than 100 local and foreign firms were presented for the first time at the expo. The event was hosted across a 15 thousand square meter space. With B2B contacts, the expo helped the sector to identify new markets and become more visible in foreign markets.

Mersin Gıda assembled the whole food industry in Mersin, and it has become an important hub for food production in Turkey as well as exportation. Industry professionals from the Middle East, South Africa, and the Balkans attended the Expo. And they were accompanied by the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, Eastern Europe, and Arabian countries.

The fair will be held for the 9th time between 23-26 November 2022.

Ekoloji Izmir Fair

Ekoloji Izmir Fair, Turkey's first certified organic product fair, will be held for the 11th time on May 26-29, 2022. It will be organized by IZFAŞ in collaboration with associations for ecological agriculture (ETO). From organic clothing to baby products, cosmetics to food and cleaning products, a diverse range of innovative products will be on display at Ekoloji Izmir Fair.

In its 11th year, the fair offers a wonderful chance for industry players by bringing together national and international visitors for critical business interactions. Ekoloji Izmir will be held concurrently with OLIVTECH Fair. And it will continue to be fascinating for industry experts as well as consumers with parallel events in "fuarizmir" in May.

One of the main aims of the Ekoloji Izmir Fair is to increase Turkey's position in the global ecological market. Additionally, it aims to add to Turkey’s exponential growth which rose 500% in the past decade. Purchasing committees from the United States, Germany, France, Lebanon, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine interact with producers and exporters in this context.

At the fair, farmers who grow organic products also have the opportunity to present their products to consumers.

WorldFood Istanbul

WorldFood Istanbul is Turkey's largest food and beverage show. It has been a reliable market entry point. It reflects industry trends and begins international collaboration. And the Expo also aims to introduce the most recent food and beverage items to the Turkish market. It is also one of the most important Asian culinary shows in the world, with worldwide participation.

Here, firms from all around the world present the newest trends, products, and technology in food production and marketing. The WorldFood is an industry communication and information platform. It provides participants with the chance to promote themselves to a large audience.

WorldFood Istanbul also works in conjunction with the concurrent exhibition Ipack. Ipack Turkey is a food processing, storage, packaging materials, and equipment fair. A wide range of packaging, packaging machines, food processing machinery & main parts, auxiliary equipment & systems are exhibited worldwide. This strategic alliance gives the participants the possibility to collaborate on a larger scale.

WorldFood Istanbul, the worldwide meeting place for the Turkish food sector, is set to offer many new items to the food world. With the expected participation of over 1,000 businesses at the TUYAP Fair, Convention, and Congress Center, it will run from September 1st to 4th, 2022.

Of course, mentioned events are just a drop in the ocean of food exhibitions. But these are certainly the most prestigious ones you shouldn't miss. So, if you find yourself in Turkey, we strongly advise you to visit these fairs in 2022.