How Does Order Process Work at Turkish Goods?

A supply chain needs balance and consistency to continue its operations successfully. Being aware of the requirements, Turkish Goods focuses on facilitating every step of the process. We prioritize updates and communication in the supply chain. With our integrated supplier network, we can offer our customers a wide range of products in every possible category. Turkish Goods raises industry standards. Our flawless order process is effective in achieving quality and high standards. We meticulously carry out every step of the order process to deliver quality to our global partners.

What is Order Processing?

Order processing is a crucial part of the order fulfillment process. This guarantees that customer orders are made correctly and delivered to the correct location. It can take place in various locations, depending on the size of the company. It can happen in a distribution center or warehouse, where pickers, sorters, and packers all work together to complete orders. One person or a small group of people can do it.

Order processing happens after a customer orders. Picking, sorting, tracking, and shipping are the steps in order processing. Firms acquire inventory goods and transport them to a sorting location. Following that, the company gathers and packs each order. The products are then labeled and sent to the customer's address. Firms can send the order directly. Firms with smaller shipping volumes often prefer direct shipping. On the other hand, businesses with higher shipping volumes prefer order consolidation.

Why Do We Need Order Process?

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction depends on the reliability and accuracy of the order process. Businesses require precise order management methods to ensure that they keep up with demand. They should fulfill each customer's request. Companies will be able to develop if they prioritize accuracy when processing orders.

Preventing Stocking Problems

Thanks to our order process system, we constantly check the status of the items in our inventory. In addition, we analyze the seasonal demands. Thus, we do not overstock or understock.

Error-Free Workflow

Turkish Goods takes orders 24/7 from all over the world. In other words, we do not take a small number of orders like small businesses. For this reason, a perfectly functioning order process is of vital importance to us. We manage a flawless workflow regarding orders with the methods we adopt in our company.

Order Processing Stages at Turkish Goods


Order Placement

When Turkish Goods receives an order, we send the order details to the order management system. Products, item quantities, shipping details, and delivery addresses are the order details. Our company will determine the appropriate warehouse location to ship to, based on multiple delivery addresses and product availability. In this process, we strive to reduce shipping times and delivery costs.

Picking Inventory

During the picking phase, we take products from the existing inventory and deliver them to a packing station. At this stage, we follow a picking list. We control this process meticulously. Because the picking stage is a stage that affects the entire order process workflow. At this point, our storage success comes to the fore. Thanks to the way we store our inventory, we run the picking phase perfectly. By picking the products in a short time, we quickly transition to the packaging and shipping phase.


Turkish Goods sorts the picked items according to their destinations. We arrange the products in certain rows according to the regions they will go to. Sorting is crucial for the accuracy and satisfaction of our customers. Because at this stage, our employees check whether the ordered items are suitable for shipping.


In this stage, we pack items in suitable shipping boxes. The packaging process also includes weighing the packages and labeling them with the recipients' addresses and required delivery instructions. Regardless of the size and packaging of the products, we take care to transport them easily. Cost-effective dimensions and weights are also important to us.


During the shipping process, we ensure that orders reach their final destination. We can ship orders directly to the customer. Or, we can be combined first with other orders going to nearby locations to reduce costs and minimize the total number of shipments. When we combine orders, we usually ship multiple orders with the same carrier. Then we forward it to specific local points when necessary. We use a reliable tracking system so that both you and we can track orders during shipping.

Of course, our work does not end after shipping. Because the satisfaction of our customers is paramount to us. We keep in touch with our customers after the buyers receive our products. We make sure that they are satisfied. Moreover, we note any minor problems that may arise.

Advantages of Our Order System

Order processing system is a boon for our company. It also improves our customers' experience. For example, we can trace orders from picking to shipping using our order system. This aids in the accuracy of picking, sorting and packing. We can also use order systems to prevent orders from being lost or misplaced. As a result, Turkish Goods continues to attract new customers with its order process system.

Private Label and Packaging

We do not give up on care and attention at every stage of our work. We are working non-stop to provide private labels as the biggest advantage to you. You can benefit from the Turkish Goods experience to have the best private label service. Turkish Goods can assist you in developing a private label and packaging design from the bottom up that complements your brand identity.

Quality Control Inspection

Turkish Goods guarantees that your products meet quality standards by conducting regular inspections. We are measuring, examining, testing, or gauging one or more characteristics of a product. In addition, we compare the outcomes to the set requirements to determine whether each attribute is conformed.

Turkish Goods Represents Quality

Turkish Goods makes trade easier with its advanced order process workflow. We provide our partners with a seamless experience by providing control in order management. We emphasize the importance of reliability for us at every opportunity and emphasize quality in our work. Your best option for importing products from Turkey is Turkish Goods. Click here to contact us.