Leading Countries in Apple Exports

Apple is an edible fruit variety belonging to a tree called Malus Domestica. Apple trees grow in many palaces of the world. Besides, Malus is the most cultivated species. There are more than 7000 varieties of apples. However, many of these varieties are human-made. It is formed as a result of mixing different apple species in the laboratory environment. In addition, apples are a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. This fruit, which has high nutritional value, also has many health benefits. 

Nowadays, apples are one of the most consumed fruit varieties. According to current data, the estimated apple production worldwide in 2022 is 81,799 million tons. The leading countries that produce and export apples are Turkey, China, Italy, the USA, New Zealand, and Chile. In this article, detailed information is given about the leading countries in apple exports. 

Suitable Climatic Conditions for Growing Apples

There are general climatic conditions for the apple to grow in the best conditions. Apple grows especially in temperate and cold temperate climates. The apple tree is resistant to low temperatures. However, it is not suitable for growing in high summer temperatures. At high temperatures, the development of apples slows down or stops. The average summer temperature during the growth period of the apple should be 21-24 degrees Celsius. The apple tree grows at an altitude of 1500-2700 meters above sea level.

Usage Areas and Benefits of Apple

There are more than 7000 known varieties of apples. The taste of these apple varieties also varies. They usually have a sweet and sour flavor. Apples are the most consumed fruit variety in the world with excellent taste. The use of apples is very wide. This fruit is a perfect snack. Additionally, it is used to make vinegar and wine. Different varieties of apples are generally used in desserts, salads, and meals.

One of the reasons why apples are consumed so much is because they are healthy. This fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. Apples contain vitamins A, E, C, and B. Also, they are rich in manganese and copper minerals. This fruit is good for heart, brain, and stomach health. Apple is a fruit high in water and fiber. Therefore, it also supports the weight loss process.

Top Apple Exporters in the World

The total production of apples worldwide is 80,553 million tons in the 2020-2021 period. Also, the global sales value of apples exported by all countries in 2021 is 7.6 billion dollars. The top apple-exporting countries in 2021 are Turkey, China, Italy, the United States, New Zealand, and Chile. In 2021, China was the top exporter, while Russia was the top importer.


Since apples are cold-resistant fruits, they are grown in almost every region of Turkey. Actually, the place where apples are grown the most is the Mediterranean region. According to the data for 2021, Turkey exported apples amounting to 178.7 million dollars. The highest demand for Turkish apples came from India. Turkey exported 68 million dollars worth of apples to India in 2021. After India, the other country that Turkey exports the most apples to is Russia. Turkey exported 36 million dollars worth of apples to Russia. Also, Iraq and Libya are among the countries with the highest import rate from Turkey. 

Turkey exported apples to 80 countries in 2021. In Isparta, which is famous for its apples, the apple harvest is approximately 1 million tons. The country increases the production of apples every year. In this way, Turkey is among the fastest-growing countries in apple exports.


China is one of the most important countries that cover the majority of the world's apple production and export. The country meets half of the world's apple production. In 2020 and 2021, China produced a total of 40 million tons of apples. Also, China exported 2,459.32 tons of apples in December 2021. According to the data for 2021, China exported 1.3 billion dollars of apples. The three countries to which China exported apples the most in 2021 were the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.


Italy is one of the countries that produce and export the most apples. According to the data for 2021, Italy exported apples amounting to 1.1 billion dollars. In addition, apples exported from Italy to the world supplied 13.8% of the global market's apple needs. The country to which Italy exports the most is Germany. In 2021, Italy exported 289.76 million worth of apples to Germany.

United States of America

The USA is one of the world's largest apple exporters. In 2021, the USA exported 916.7 million dollars of apples. The USA supplied 12% of the global market’s apple exports. Mexico is one of the countries to which the USA exports the most apples. In 2021, America exported 348.60 million worth of apples to Mexico. Other countries that import apples the most are Canada, Taiwan, and Vietnam, respectively.

New Zealand

New Zealand, an island country in the Southern Pacific Ocean, is an important country in apple production and export. According to the data for 2021, New Zealand exported 746.11 million dollars of apples and supplied 7.9% of the global market's apple exports. The countries that import apples from New Zealand are China, Vietnam, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Thailand, respectively.


Chile is a country located on a thin line in the north-south direction in South America. Therefore, it has a variety of climates. Apples are grown in the temperate zones of the central part of Chile. Chile is among the countries that produce and export the most apples in the world. According to the data for 2021, Chile exported 589.5 million dollars of apples. The countries to which Chile exports the most apples are Colombia, India, and the Netherlands, respectively.

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