Leading Countries in Apricot Exports

Apricots are among the favorite fruits in the whole world. In addition to its benefits as food, it also finds a place for itself in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. This fruit, which is beneficial for most areas of life, is grown in various parts of the world. Yet, some countries stand out in apricot production and exports. 

Global apricot production rose to $4.8 billion in 2021. Let's take a look at the leading countries in apricot exports.


It is not surprising that Turkey is at the top of the list. Because Turkey is home to Malatya, the apricot capital of the world. Of course, Malatya does not have the only share in Turkey's apricot production. An average of 128 thousand hectares of land serves apricot production in Turkey. In addition to Malatya,, Elazig, Mersin, Iğdır, and Antalya provinces also come to the fore in apricot production. 

Malatya has a 64% share in the apricot production area. Apricot cultivation is very common in the Aegean, Mediterranean, Central Anatolia, and Marmara regions of Turkey. Hence, Turkey's apricot export figures are also quite high. 

Turkey exports both dried and fresh apricots. According to the data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), Turkey produced 850 thousand tons of apricots in 2020. The country earned $321 million from apricot exports in 2020. In 2021, Turkey produced 840 thousand tons of apricots.

Turkey's apricot exports are increasing every year. Especially the export of dried apricots is a significant source of income for the country. Turkey exported 338 million dollars of dried apricots in 2021. In particular, Malatya meets about 85% of the world's dried apricot needs. Exporters from Malatya exported 90 thousand 203 tons of dried apricots in 2021. Turkey ranks first in the world in dried apricot exports with a share of approximately 72%.

Turkey ranks first in the world in dried apricot exports. On the other hand, the country ranks second in the export of fresh apricots.


Spain is the country at the top of the list in fresh apricot exports. Apricots grow in every region of Spain. Yet, some regions are prominent in apricot production. Murcia is the region that largely meets the needs of Spain in apricot production. The Murcia region meets 70% of Spain's apricot production. Besides, Aragon, Valencia, and Castile-La Mancha are important regions for apricot production. 

Spain produced 93 thousand tons of apricots in 2021. Today, the country makes up 35% of the total fresh apricot export volume in the world. Spain earned $197 million from apricot exports in 2021. But, the storms and frosts in Murcia in the spring of 2022 negatively affected apricot production. Murcia is the most important apricot production center in Spain. Thus, there was a decrease in apricot production in Spain in 2022.


Apricots are important sources of income for Uzbekistan. The country stands out in the export of both fresh and dried apricots. Especially Fergana Valley has a large share in the country's apricot production. Yet, 2021 was not very suitable for fresh apricot production in Uzbekistan. Weather anomalies hit Uzbekistan in 2021. Thus, fresh apricot production decreased. Apricot production in the country decreased between 60% and 65% due to weather conditions.

Uzbekistan still managed to maintain its position on the list. Although 2021 was not very good for apricot production, Uzbekistan had great success in 2020. The country exported 11.2 tons of apricots in 2020. As a result, in 2020, Uzbekistan earned 10.9 million dollars from apricot exports. On the other hand, the country earned 49.2 million dollars from fresh and dried apricot exports. As a result, weather conditions hindered the production of fresh apricots. Yet, Uzbekistan continued its success with its dried apricot exports.


Italy is among the most successful countries in the Mediterranean in apricot exports. Apricots are one of the most important export items of Italy. Farmers grow apricots both in the north and south of the country. But the Emilia-Romagna region stands out in apricot production. Because this region meets 1/3 of Italy's apricot production. As a result, Emilia-Romagna is the main apricot producer in Italy.

In 2021, apricot production in Italy was 188,000 tons. The country exported 31 tons of apricots. Yet, this figure is a little low. Because, as in some countries, weather anomalies reduced apricot production in Italy as well. Still, apricot exports in Italy increased compared to 2020. The country exported 19 thousand tons of apricots in 2020. Moreover, according to estimates, Italy's apricot production will increase to 262 thousand tons by 2022. As a result, Italy's apricot exports will also increase.


Thanks to the favorable agricultural conditions of the Mediterranean, Greece is also on the list. Apricot production in Greece changes depending on the weather conditions. Yet, it generally hovers between 60,000 tons and 80,000 tons per year. Greece is among the top countries in apricot exports. But the number of places where apricots are grown in the country is few. Peloponnesos and Halkidiki Peninsula meet the apricot production of Greece. These small-scale industrial areas provide most of Greece's apricot production.

Greece produced 55 thousand tons of apricots in 2021. This amount is 29% less than the apricot production in Greece in 2020. As in most Mediterranean countries, the reason for this decline was frosts. But in 2022, apricot production started to increase in Greece. The producers have not yet reached the figures in the pre-frost periods. But production is on the rise. The country exported 17 thousand tons of apricots in 2021. In 2022, weather conditions did not prevent apricot production in Greece.

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