Leading Countries in Fig Exports in the World

Figs have been considered an important fruit since ancient times. They have green skin when raw and the skin darkens and becomes purple as the fruit ripens. The inside of the figs is a soft and sweet flesh full of seeds. Loved by many, figs are consumed in many different ways. They can be eaten fresh or dried. They are also made into jams or used in desserts.

Even though now grown in many different places, figs are known to be native to the Mediterranean and western Asia. In this article, we will be exploring which countries produce and export the most figs around the globe. Let’s take a look at some of the leading countries in fig exports in the world. 


Turkey is the home of figs. Figs were first cultivated in Turkey. Later on, figs started to be cultivated in Syria and Palestine. From there the production of figs moved to China and India. Therefore, Turkey plays an important role in the production of figs. Having fertile soil and the best climate conditions for figs to grow, Turkey is the leading fig producer and exporter in the world. 

When it comes to the production and export figures, Turkey is above the curve. Fig production areas were 573 thousand decares in 2020. The province that had the most fig production areas with 69,4% of the total area was Aydın. In the same year, Turkey produced 320 thousand tons of figs. Aydın was the top fig-producing province with 183 thousand tons. İzmir and Bursa followed Aydın in fig production. 

As the top fig exporter in the world, Turkey exported 21 thousand tons of fresh figs in 2020 according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. 53,6% of these figs were exported to Germany, Russia and Holland. When it comes to dried fig exports, Turkey exported 56 thousand tons of dried figs in 2020. A significant amount of these exports were made to France, Germany and the USA. Turkey generated a total of 278 million dollars from fresh and dried figs exports in 2020.


Afghanistan has been one of the top producers and exporters of figs in the world for a long while. Since the fig cultivation that started in the Mediterranean moved to Asia through the Middle East, many Middle Eastern countries are important places in fig production. 

In 2020, Afghanistan exported fresh and dried figs worth 135 million dollars. Thus, Afghanistan became the second country in the world to export the most figs. Interestingly, in the same year, figs were the most exported second product in the country. Afghanistan exported the most figs to India with 132 million dollars. The United Arab Emirates followed with 1.35 million dollars. Finally, Pakistan was the third with 1.04 million dollars.

On the other hand, in 2020, Afghanistan imported 34.1 thousand dollars’ worth of figs, ranking as the 112th fig importer in the world. Most of these figs were imported from the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Turkey. 


Even though there is a significant difference in its export amounts compared to the top two countries, Austria comes third in fig exports in the world. According to the data, Austria exported 22.9 million dollars’ worth of both fresh and dried figs in 2020. When it comes to the countries that imported the most figs from Austria, Germany came first. 

Germany imported 14.5 million dollars’ worth of figs from Austria in 2020. France followed Germany with 2.2 million dollars. Poland was the third with 1.82 million dollars. Finally, Italy and the United Kingdom followed with 1.28 million dollars and 870 thousand dollars respectively. 

From a different standpoint, Austria imported figs worth a total of 17.1 million dollars in 2020. Austria imported both fresh and dried figs primarily from Turkey which amounted to 6.91 million dollars. Austria also imported figs worth 5.71 million dollars from Germany and figs worth 2.27 million dollars from Slovakia.


Germany was the fourth largest fig exporter in the world according to the 2020 export records. Not far from Austria, Germany exported 22.4 million dollars’ worth of figs in 2020. Not surprisingly, Austria was the country that imported the most figs from Germany. In fact, Austria imported 5.71 million dollars’ worth of figs from Germany. Holland followed Austria with 3.31 million dollars. Slovakia imported 2.62 million dollars’ worth of figs. Finally, France and Switzerland imported figs worth 2.3 million dollars and 1.24 million dollars respectively. 

When it comes to Germany’s imports, Turkey is the country Germany imports the most figs from, similar to the other countries on the list. Germany imported both fresh and dried figs from Turkey worth 55.7 million dollars in 2020. Austria came second with 14.5 million dollars and Holland came third with 6.05 million dollars. 


The last country on the list of the leading countries in fig exports is Spain. Spain was the fifth largest fig exporter in 2020. Spain’s fig exports were very close to Germany’s exports. In fact, Spain exported 22.2 million dollars’ worth of both fresh and dried figs in 2020. The country Spain exported the most figs to was France.

France imported 10.1 million dollars’ worth of figs from Spain in 2020. Portugal followed Frace with 2.27 million dollars. Italy came third with 1.44 million dollars. Germany and the United Kingdom came the last with 1.34 million dollars and 1.25 million dollars. 

Spain, on the other hand, imported the most figs from Turkey with 2.15 million dollars in 2020. France followed Turkey with 234 thousand dollars. Italy followed France with 192 thousand dollars. Germany came fourth with 180 thousand dollars. Finally, Spain imported figs worth 94.8 thousand dollars from Switzerland. 

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