Leading Countries in Peach and Nectarine Exports in the World

Peaches are one of the most commonly consumed fruits in the world. They are a type of stone fruit that belongs to the genus Prunus. The nectarine is quite similar to the peach but has smooth skin, while the peach has a fuzzy one. They originated from China and were introduced to Europe by traders from Persia. Nowadays, they are grown on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Today, peach production is a billion-dollar industry that has increased over the years due to its popularity and health benefits.

One of the World’s Favorite Fruits: Peach and Nectarine

Peaches and nectarines can be eaten fresh as well as used in a variety of jams, preserves, and foods. They are especially commonly used in desserts because they have a sweet, mellow flavor that adds a tart taste to dishes. The main benefits of peaches and nectarines are that they contain vitamin C and many other antioxidants that help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Peaches are also high in fiber, which helps lower blood cholesterol levels. They are also a good source of folic acid and minerals such as copper, manganese, and iron. Both because of their many uses and health benefits, peaches and nectarines have become increasingly popular among consumers worldwide. As a result, the demand for peaches and nectarines has also increased. Today, many countries are importing peaches and nectarines from other countries. Here are the leading countries in the export of peaches and nectarines!


With an export value of $971.6 million, Spain is by far the largest exporter of peaches and nectarines. Spain is also the second-largest producer of peaches and nectarines in the world, with about 1.500 million peaches and nectarines produced each year. This is because Spain has the perfect weather conditions for the fruit, has fields specifically reserved for the production of peaches and nectarines, and has become a brand for these fruits. With a value of $331.92 million, Germany was the main destination for peach and nectarine exports from Spain last year. With $156.24 million, Germany was followed by France and Italy with $121.37 million.


Chile is the second-largest exporter of peaches and nectarines in the world. In the 2020-2021 season, Chile achieved exports of peaches and nectarines worth $266.2 million. Chile is the 8th largest producer of peaches and nectarines in the world. Although they produce much more than Chile, the United States is the largest buyer of peaches and nectarines from Chile, with imports worth $79.84 million. Other major importers of peaches and nectarines from Chile are China, with $67.25 million, and Hong Kong, with $50.27 million worth of peaches and nectarines.


With a production of about 15 million tons, China is by far the largest producer of peaches and nectarines in the world. They can even cover more than 50% of the world's production. This is mainly because peaches and nectarines are native to China and it holds a special place in Chinese culture. Since most Chinese peaches are for domestic consumption, China is not the world's largest exporter of peaches. Rather, it is the fourth-largest exporter, behind Spain, Chile, and Turkey. In 2020-2021, the country exported $135.2 million worth of peaches and nectarines. About $100.28 million of these exports went to Vietnam, China's neighbor.


Italy is right behind China and Spain in the global production of peaches and nectarines. With about 1,500 million tons of peaches and nectarines, Italy is the third-largest producer in the world, and this is reflected in its exports. Italy is currently the 5th largest exporter of peaches and nectarines in the world. Last year, peaches and nectarines worth $124.8 million were exported. With imports worth $48.95 million, Germany was the biggest buyer of peaches and nectarines from Italy. 

The United States

The United States was once one of the top 3 exporters of peaches and nectarines. But over the years, as Turkey and Italy exported more and more, it fell behind. Still, it is the 4th leading producer and 6th largest exporter of peaches and nectarines. In the 2020-2021 period, the United States exported $124.2 million worth of peaches and nectarines. At $73.61 million, Canada was the biggest buyer of peaches and nectarines from the United States.


Turkey is one of the largest producers and exporters of peaches in the world. The country's peach exports have increased by more than 50% in the last decade and now account for more than one-third of all global exports. It is currently the 3rd biggest exporter of peaches and nectarines in the world. Peach and nectarine production has increased significantly in Turkey over the years. Peaches are grown on an area of 2,500 hectares, and their annual production exceeds 2 million tons.

Moreover, Turkey produces about 1 million tons of peaches every year, about 40% of the total peach production in the world. The country has the largest share of peach production in the world, with an annual production of about 4 million tons or 10% of the world's total production. As one of the leading producers and exporters of peaches to Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa, Turkey achieved $153.3 million worth of exports in 2020-2021. 119.89 million dollars of these exports went to Russia, the leading importer of peaches and nectarines from Turkey. 

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