The Leading Countries in Tomato Exports in the World

Tomatoes are one of the most important crops in the world. They are also one of the most popular fruits, consumed in different ways in different parts of the world. Tomatoes are used in a variety of foods and can be found in a wide range of dishes. They are used in salads and pizzas, and as sauces such as pasta sauce, salsa and ketchup. Tomatoes are also very beneficial to health. They are good sources of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, lycopene and folic acid. All these benefits and the wide range of uses make tomatoes very desirable for export to other countries. In this list, we have listed the main countries which export quality tomatoes around the world! 


Turkey is among the leading countries in the export of tomatoes. In 2021, Turkey continued its acceleration in tomato exports with a 20% increase to $314.4 million worth of tomatoes. Turkish tomato exports also ran at full speed in the first month of 2022, as tomato exports increased by 23% in the first month of the year. Interest in tomato products, which are further processed in the industry and turned into value-added products, is expected to continue to grow in 2022.

This year, Turkey set a goal of exporting $1 billion worth of tomatoes and products made from them by 2023. Turkey's success and this expectation are based on the fact that Turkey is the third-largest tomato-producing country in the world. Turkey is one of the world's leading tomato producers and exporters for that matter. This is thanks to the fact that tomatoes are part of more than half of the dishes in Turkish cuisine, and also due to its geographical location.


Although Mexico is not even among the five countries that produce the most tomatoes, it is by far the leader in tomato exports. In 2020, Mexico exported $2.62 billion worth of tomatoes, making it the 1st largest exporter of tomatoes in the world. At $2.53 billion, the United States was the main destination for tomato exports from Mexico. The following year, 2021, Mexico was still in the lead with tomato exports of $2.17 billion. The country's success is increasing steadily. This is a direct result of becoming the United States' main supplier of different types of tomatoes, specifically Cherry and Roma tomatoes. 


With exports worth about 1.69 billion euros in 2020 and 2021, The Netherlands has experienced a boom in the export of tomatoes in recent years. It has become the 2nd country with the most tomato exports in the last 3 years. This data is surprising for such a country. Because, with 900,000 tonnes of tomato production, the Netherlands is not even among the top 20 tomato producers in the world. The secret to this success is that a large part of the tomatoes produced in the Netherlands is not consumed in the country itself. Although export rates started to fall in 2021 as Morocco rapidly overtook the Netherlands, the country still makes quite a profit from tomato exports.


Morocco is planning to reduce its tomato exports due to the drought, which has caused the price of one of the country's cheapest fresh staples to skyrocket in recent months. However, it is still one of the largest countries exporting tomatoes. In fact, Morocco ships about 430,000 tonnes of tomatoes to the European Union each year. This makes it the largest supplier of the European countries. Although with a tomato production of 1,347,000 tonnes, Morocco ranks 17th among the countries that produce the most tomatoes. Morocco is the fourth largest exporter of tomatoes with around $923 million worth of tomato exports. With $466,91B of exports, France is the biggest buyer of tomatoes from Morocco. 


With a production of about 5,000,000 tonnes of tomatoes, Spain is the 7th largest producer of tomatoes in the world. Since the tomato holds a special place in Spanish culture, this is of course natural. From the famous Tomato Festival to the variety of tomato types produced, Spain definitely has an obsession with tomatoes. This is also reflected in its exports. Spain is the third-largest country with the most tomato exports, with an export volume of $1.1 billion. Although export rates began to decline last year, Spain still managed to export 512.48 million kilos of tomatoes in the first 10 months of 2021. With around $325 million worth of tomato exports, Germany is the largest buyer of tomatoes from Spain. 


Canada is known for constantly exporting various commodities to other countries. As for tomatoes, they are one of the leaders in the field. That is strange because Canada does not even produce a lot of tomatoes. In fact, they are not even among the 25 countries with the highest tomato production. But thanks to about $450 million worth of tomato exports to the United States, their largest importer, Canada is now the fifth-largest country exporting tomatoes. In fact, the United States takes in nearly 85% of Canada's tomato exports. In 2020, Canada exported $458 million worth of tomatoes and $455.36 million of which went to the United States.

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