Types of Electric Heaters to Import from Turkey

Due to the Russia-Ukraine War, major problems have been experienced in many areas around the world and continue to be experienced. At the beginning of these problems are food and energy. The main reason for the energy problem is that Russia is rich in natural gas resources. Also, it is the biggest natural gas supplier to European countries and other countries all around the world. However, major problems await Europe in the supply of natural gas because of the war. Europe has problems in transmitting energy to many critical areas such as public spaces, living spaces, schools, and hospitals. Besides European countries, other countries are also faced with the energy problem. 

Countries that do not have sufficient access to natural gas import electric heaters. Turkey is among the countries that export electric heaters. Thanks to its rich product variety and quality production, Turkey improves itself every year in the export of electric heaters. In this article, we give detailed information about the types of electric heaters to import from Turkey.

Types of Electric Heaters Produced in Turkey

Types of electric heaters differ according to the purpose and place of use. Thanks to its rich product range, there are electric heaters suitable for every use. There are many types of electric heaters, from portable electric space heaters to radiator heaters. Turkey produces electric heaters following EU standards and exports them to different parts of the world. Also, electric heaters are an environmentally friendly form of energy. It provides heat without consuming fossil fuels and harming the environment. For this reason, the demand for electric heaters is increasing every year.

Electric Heater

Electric heaters are one of the most preferred ways of heating. They are used to heat any desired place in a short time. In particular, they work efficiently to keep an indoor area at a certain temperature. They are available in hundreds of different sizes. An electric heater can also be used to heat a small or large room or it can also be used to heat a desk worker. Electric heaters have many practical features. Some electric heaters can be wall-mounted, while others have wheels. In this way, it can be easily moved from one room to another. Also, wall-mounted electric heaters are generally preferred in restaurants.

Electric heaters have multiple heat settings and thermostat features. This feature prevents excessive electricity consumption. In addition, the heaters are equipped with a safety thermal cut-off to prevent overheating. Therefore, it is safe to use.

Radiator Heater

Radiator heaters are one of the oldest and most popular types of heaters. They are similar to calorifiers but run on electricity. There are many sizes of heaters according to the size of the area to be used. Radiator heaters can be easily moved to the desired location. Thanks to radiator heaters, the adverse conditions of cold weather do not affect users while working or resting.

Radiator heater types are generally made of aluminum coating. In addition, these heater types are maintenance-free. It is suitable for practical and safe use for many years. Radiator heaters work extremely quietly. In addition, it does not cause a headache because it does not give direct heat. Thanks to these features, it is also suitable for use in schools and office environments.

Infrared Heater

This type of heater gets its name from the infrared rays it emits. The infrared heater does not directly heat the air. It provides an even heat distribution to the room or environment. The infrared heater provides warmth through radiation. However, these heaters are not harmful to health because this heater contains non-ionizing radiation. In addition, this heater type operates with a lower watt than other heaters.

Electric Blanket

Thanks to the electric blanket, users no longer have to worry about cold weather. The product is very simple to use, has a thermostat setting, and is adjusted with remote control. After reaching the heat level set by the user, the electricity is cut off. Besides, the user can adjust the heat setting according to their preference. Users can safely use the electric blanket, which is the savior of the cold winter months. 

The electric blanket, which offers incredible benefits during the winter months, is also beneficial for health. The electric blanket relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow. Electric blankets consist of three major components. These are a specially woven cloth, insulated wire, power cord, and controller. The woven fabric is made of acrylic and polyester material. Insulated wire is a heat-producing and heat-resistant material along its entire length. Finally, the controller is made of a combination of plastic and metal materials.

Electric Heated Foot Warmer

The electric heated foot warmer is one of the most popular types of heaters of recent times. With its gentle texture, the foot warmer, which is used by the users, offers the desired temperature and comfort in the best way. Electric heated foot warmers are of different sizes, shapes, and models. In addition, this type of heater is very easy to carry and use. Users can use this type of heater wherever they want and adjust the temperature. It is possible to use the electric heated foot warmer made of quality materials for many years without deformation.

Heating Pad

Finally, the heating pad is the easiest way to protect yourself from cold weather. Thanks to its easy portability, users can easily use the warming pads wherever they want. The heating pad has adjustable gradual degrees. The heating pads are made of soft textured fabrics and provide maximum comfort for the user's body.

Import the High-Quality Electric Heaters from Turkey with Turkish Goods

Electric heaters have become very important with the arrival of the cold winter months. Problems in accessing energy have also increased the demand for electric heaters. Electric heaters can be used easily and safely in many areas. You can import types of electric heaters made using the highest quality materials from Turkey with the quality and assurance of Turkish Goods. You can consult the expert team of Turkish Goods for detailed information about the electric heaters import process.