Apricot Exports from Malatya Profit $28.8M in February

Apricots are consumed throughout the year as fresh, dried, and canned. It is nutritious and delicious as it contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A and E, magnesium, and iron minerals.

In Turkey, which is the leading country in the world in apricot production, the most and the best quality apricots are produced in Malatya. So, in which sectors are apricots used, how has the branding process been, and what is the data for February 2022?

February 2022 Was Productive in Terms of Dry Apricot Exports

In February, Malatya shipped 5 thousand 797 tons of dried apricots. Malatya Commodity Exchange President Ramazan Özcan called attention to the increase in apricot exports. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war, he stated that the revenue was $28.8M in exchange for these shipments.

Dried apricot exports from Malatya, known as the world's apricot capital, are expanding on a daily basis. The Malatya apricot has gained substantial export momentum. Particularly with the discovery of new markets and the increase in the currency rate, it is having a golden year.

Malatya Commodity Exchange President Ramazan Özcan declared that from last August, when the apricot season started, up to date, revenue of $251.4M was provided. This revenue was in return for the export of 57 thousand 528 tons of dried apricots in 7 months. Özcan also commented on the remaining February exports. He said "In February, we shipped 5,797 tons of dried apricots. In return, we bring an income of $28.8M to our country and Malatya."

Malatya Continued to Export Apricots Despite Negative Developments in the World

Ramazan Özcan stated that the consequences of the covid-19 outbreak are still being felt around the world and the Ukraine-Russia war that has only recently begun. "Despite this, our dried apricot exports remain strong. Hopefully, we will finish the months of March and April on a positive note. We are working hard to get our exports to the destinations we want them to go" he stated.

Moreover, Özcan predicated that the shipments to China, a new market for apricot exports, are continuing. He said they are taking firm steps toward the aim of 500 million dollars with an annual export of 100,000 tons in 2022. According to February data, this goal will probably be met in 2022.

He expressed that the exports to China have increased significantly compared to last year. Özcan said, "We have achieved 8 million 232 thousand dollars in revenue in China, where we exported 2 thousand 975 tons of dried apricots. This is a very important rate for us."

Another market where Turkey, like China, increased its sales was Kazakhstan. More exports were made to Kazakhstan, where fewer apricots were exported in recent years. Malatya expanded its market share. Malatya exported about 1207 tons of dried apricots to Kazakhstan, whose export figure was limited to 20 tons last year. Turkey also generated $2,207,000 in revenue from its exports to Kazakhstan.

In Which Sectors Are Apricots Used?

Table apricots account for a large portion of the world's apricot production. However, because of the short harvesting season and the rapid degradation of fresh apricots, apricots are usually consumed by drying or processing.

Apricots can be used by freezing, canning, removing the pulp, nectar, and manufacturing jam, marmalade, jelly, and cream. Furthermore, apricots are utilized in the confectionery, liquor, pastry, yogurt, and ice cream industries. The sweet apricot kernels are eaten like nuts. On the other hand, bitter apricot kernels are used as raw materials in the cosmetics sector in the world.

Branding Process

Turkey is the country that produces the most apricots in the world. Especially Malatya apricot is famous for its unique and sweet flavor all around the world. The Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry applied for the registration of Malatya apricot in 2014 as a geographically marked product by the European Union.

In July 2017, after a three-year period, Malatya apricot was registered as a geographical mark by the European Union. After this initiative, apricot production and exports increased gradually as the whole world turned to the Turkish apricot market. Turkey has risen to the position of the decisive country, especially in the export of dried apricots.

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