Big Leap in Honey Exports from Turkey

Turkey sold honey worth $7 million 131 thousand 895 to 36 countries in January-February 2022. Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Vice Chairman of the Eastern Blacksea Exporters’ Association, evaluated the export data.

In the first two months of the year, exporters sold 2 thousand 844 tons of honey. Turkey earned 7 million dollars in two months from honey exports.

Gürdoğan stated that the exporters earned $7 million 131 thousand 895 in two months. "Our country exported honey to 36 countries in two months. The USA, Spain, and Germany were the top 3 countries to buy honey. In this period, the USA purchased $1 million 651 thousand 807 worth of products. Spain imported $1 million 463 thousand 621. On the other hand, Germany bought 990 thousand 454 dollars worth of honey.

During this period, Spain was the country that increased its export potential the most. Compared to the same period of the previous year, there was a 130 percent increase in the value of exports to the USA. The increase in the amount was 44 percent.

Unlike the same period last year, Turkey added other countries to its export list. Israel, Poland, Hungary, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, TRNC, Singapore, Mauritania, France, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Cape Verde, North Macedonia, and Taiwan became the new countries on the list.

Great Demand for Honeydew Honey

Gürdoğan stated that the most exported type of honey from Turkey is honeydew honey. "Due to the forest fires that took place in the Aegean Region last year, which burned us, the production of pine honey took a big hit. Therefore, this situation inevitably reflected negatively on exports."

Vice Chairman noted their expectations for 2022 exports are high. Especially this year, heavy snowfall will make a significant contribution to the vegetation. Thus, they are hopeful that the production of blossom honey will reach a significant level. Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan added that the emphasis should be on products with the brand name of honey and high-quality small packages.

The Rise in 2021 Continues

Turkey had shown great success in honey exports in 2021 as well. The country sold 9,875 tons of honey to 55 countries in 2021. It generated 30 million 498 thousand 600 dollars income from this export. Compared to 2020, honey exports increased by 65% ​​in quantity and 18% in value. The countries that showed the highest demand for Turkish honey were similar to this year's last year. The USA, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, and Israel were the countries that imported the most honey in 2021.

The USA ranked first in honey exports with 8 million 860 thousand 506 dollars. This country was followed by Germany with 6 million 940 thousand 35 dollars. Spain, on the other hand, made imports of 2 million 261 thousand 335 dollars in 2021.

Eastern Black Sea Region Ranks First in Honey Production

The Eastern Black Sea Region, which includes Trabzon, Ordu, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Rize, and Artvin, exported honey to 18 countries last year. This figure is an indicator of how important the region is for the country's economy. Moreover, it emphasizes the quality of honey produced in the region. The region generated 2 million 95 thousand 591 dollars in return for 564 tons of honey export. Compared to 2020, exports increased by 41% in amount and 63% on an income basis last year. The country that imported the most honey from the Eastern Black Sea region was Germany. Germany bought 719 thousand 568 dollars worth of honey from the Eastern Black Sea Region.

Pandemic and Forest Fires Did Not Interrupt Production

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are showing more interest in food supplements than ever before. Honey is one of these food types. Therefore, depending on the interest, the tendency to the production of supplements with honey has increased. This development had a positive impact on the industry. Reaching 52 countries in 2020, honey reached consumers in 55 countries last year.

Forest fires in the Mediterranean Region last year had a negative impact on pine honey production. Despite this, it was pleasing that the export year ended with an increase. Interest in Turkish honey continues to grow.

Beekeeping Is Indispensable

Bees are among the most important creatures in the ecosystem. The honey we consume today comes to the table thanks to the bees. With the pollen that bees carry, countless necessary things for life reproduce. 80 percent of flowering plants and trees reproduce thanks to the pollen carried by the bees. While bees do these, they also produce honey. Beekeepers in Turkey pay great attention to their work. Therefore, they produce high-quality honey.

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