Massive $5.1M of Apricot Kernel Exports from Turkey

Apricots are mainly grown in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, in Europe and Asia. Though, Turkey has become a hallmark in apricot production. Turkey is one of the leading countries in apricot production. Turkey's export rates of apricots and apricot products such as dried apricots and apricot kernels have always been remarkable. As the first quarter of the year came to an end, the figures for apricot and apricot kernel exports were announced. The figures show that Turkey is on the rise again. 

In Malatya, the revenues from the registered exports of apricot kernels increased more than 2 times in the first quarter of the year compared to the same period last year. It reached 5 million 198 thousand dollars. Chairman of Malatya Commodity Exchange, Ramazan Özcan spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA). He said that both fruits and kernels of apricot are export products that bring foreign exchange to the country. This increase shows the importance of apricot production in Turkey and the extent to which it can contribute to the country's exports. 

Özcan explained that the apricot kernels were exported in parallel with the dried apricots in the city. "The export of apricot kernels is going fast. In the first quarter of this year, we exported 1220 tons of kernels and brought an income of 5 million 198 thousand dollars to the country's economy. As for apricots, export revenues have increased more than 2 times compared to the same period last year” he said.

Most Exports Were to Germany

Özcan expressed that 2 million 426 thousand dollars were obtained in return for 942 tons of exports in the same period of last year. "While our average export per ton in the first quarter of last year was 2 thousand 585 dollars, our average export in the same period this year was 4 thousand 260 dollars. This is a very important thing, a development. Our exports have increased in dollar terms. The three countries to which we export the most apricot kernels are Germany, Italy, and China. Last year we exported 2 thousand 30 tons to Germany, 1790 tons to Italy, and 290 tons to China.”

Özcan also recalled that there was a global crisis in the food industry in the world and explained that this had an impact on Turkey. Özcan explained that it was expected that exports of apricot kernels would continue in May and June as they had the previous year. He added that an increase in revenue was expected even if the export volume would be the same.

Özcan indicated that during the night of April 13-14, there had been an agricultural frost that had caused significant damage to apricots. This would lead to a significant drop in yield. He explained that they would expect to see how this would affect core prices and export figures in the next few months.

A Brand in Apricot and Apricot Kernel Production: Turkey

Apricots, both as a fruit and seed, have many health benefits. From protecting the digestive system to improving eyesight, it is one of the most important fruits recommended by doctors. In addition, apricots are sweet fruits used in many dishes around the world. Both in main dishes and desserts, they are very effective in cooking. Apricot kernels are also very popular as a snack around the world. They are rich in vitamins and therefore known to strengthen the immune system. For both children and adults, they are one of the healthiest snacks in the world. 

Turkey has been one of the leading countries in apricot production over the years. Apricot production is carried out in Turkey on an average of 128 thousand hectares of land. In particular, Malatya, which has a 65% share in apricot cultivation area, ranks first with an average of 82 thousand hectares. In recent years, 847 thousand tons of fresh apricots were grown in Turkey. This makes Turkey a brand of quality and productivity of apricot production around the world. 

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