Massive Exports from the Textile and Raw Materials Sector

Turkey's rise in the textiles and raw materials sector continues. Certain reasons such as the ease of access to raw materials and the developments in the field of supply are important in the sector. According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), there is a noticeable increase when compared to previous years.

Textile and Raw Materials Sector on the Rise with 6.1 Billion Dollars

This year's export amount increased by 13.4% and reached 18.5 billion dollars compared to the same month of last year. Between January-July, exports increased by 19.1% and reached 144 billion dollars. The annualized export value exceeded 248 billion, reaching a record level.

Exports of textiles and raw materials, which exceeded 723 million dollars in July of 2021, increased by 0.7 percent to 728 million dollars. This data once again proves that this sector is one of the growing sectors in Turkey.

The Highest Export Level Reached

Turkey realized exports of 6 billion 119 million dollars in January-July 2022 with an increase of 9.5 percent compared to the previous year. In this way, the highest export level is achieved. 

In the sector's exports last month, Istanbul became the leader with 317 million dollars. Gaziantep is in second place with an export of 121 million dollars, followed by Bursa with 83 million dollars of exports.

In exports worth 6.1 billion dollars in the period covering January and July 2022, Istanbul maintained its position in the first place. Istanbul exported 2 billion 460 million dollars. Istanbul was followed by Gaziantep with 1 billion dollars and Bursa with 763 million dollars. Compared to the same period of last year, the exports in the sector have increased significantly.

The Largest Export was Made to Italy

With its success in the textile and raw materials sector, Turkey exports to many countries. Italy has become the top importer with $67 million. Russian Federation with 43.8 million dollars and Belarus with 39.5 million dollars were also included in this list.

In the first 7 months of 2022, exports were made to Italy with 635 million dollars in the textile and raw materials sector. The USA is behind Italy with 340 million dollars, followed by Spain with 323 million dollars. According to the data in the list, Italy has become the most exported country in the last 7 months.

EU countries are in the first place with 278 million dollars among the country groups to which exports were made last month in the textile and raw materials sector. Behind the EU countries, there are also different countries on the list. After the Community of the Independent States, which has an export value of 139 million dollars. There is also Africa with an export value of 86 million dollars.

In the list of country groups, the most exports were made to EU countries with 2 billion 585 dollars in 7 months. As in last month's list, the Commonwealth of Independent States ranks second with $805 million. In 7 months, 798 million dollars were exported to African countries.

Exports were made to 163 different countries and regions in July. Thus, the textile and raw materials sector received a share of 3.9 percent of the country's total exports.

In the first 7 months of 2022, the sector exported to 190 different countries and regions, and its export share in the country reached 4.2 percent.

Turkey Receives Additional Supply Requests

Textile Exporters and Employees Association President Ergin Aydın stated that they have started to diversify their supply sources. Aydın also stated that the performance of the sector has improved despite the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, which spread all over the world in 2021.

According to Aydın's expectations, the textile and raw material sector will reach its annual export target. While the orders of existing customers who export textiles are increasing, new buyers are starting to be interested in the textile market in Turkey.

Various countries in other geographies interested in the textile and raw material sector in Turkey, especially the EU and the USA, demand additional supply. For the continuation of this situation, efforts to transition to higher value-added exports continue. The process is supported by the government at every stage.

The textile and raw materials sector includes many projects supported by the Ministry of Commerce for female employees. Currently, the female employment rate in the textile sector in Turkey has reached 55%. The Turkish textile industry, which has always succeeded in renewing and transforming itself, has reached the largest export amount. This sector has a great contribution to the national income. It is in a very important and strategic position as one of the main sectors that provide the fastest return.