Massive Tangerine Export to 72 Countries in 2021

Tangerine is one of Turkey's most important agricultural exports. Tangerine exporters increased their output in 2021. Turkey supplied tangerines to 72 different countries in 2021, according to data of the Aegean Exporters' Associations. While exports totaled 437 million dollars in 2020, they increased to 453 million dollars in 2021. It is a 4 percent increase compared to 2020. In addition, tangerine exports climbed from 861 thousand tons to 931 thousand tons.

While satsuma was the most popular type of tangerine, exports of satsuma accounted for 30 percent of overseas sales last year, totaling 140 million dollars. Russia ranked first in Turkey's tangerine exports. Tangerine exports to Russia climbed by 9 percent in 2021, from 243 million dollars in 2020 to 266 million dollars in 2021. Following Russia, exports to Ukraine totaled 58 million dollars, and exports to Iraq totaled 32.5 million dollars. Kyrgyzstan's exports surged by 98 percent last year to 967 thousand dollars. It became the first country to cross the million-dollar mark in overseas sales.

Turkey's Target in 2022 is $500M

Chairman of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association Hayrettin Uçak spoke. He said that there was a one-week delay in the harvest and shipment dates of tangerines due to weather conditions.

Uçak also stated that the seedless tangerine from Izmir was well-liked in every area to which it was delivered. He added that the product's survival was desired. He also explained that tangerine, which has a distinct place among citrus fruits due to its flavor and aroma, has had a strong year in exports. Uçak stated that the yield will be higher this year because of the increased number of trees. He also revealed that they are aiming for more than $500 million in exports.

Tangerine Production and Export in the World and Turkey

Constituting 33 percent of citrus fruit production areas in the world, tangerine has an important place among Turkey's exports. The countries that exported the most citrus fruits in the world were South Africa, Turkey, and Egypt, respectively.

The countries that have a say in world tangerine production in the 2020/21 production season were China, the EU, Turkey, and Morocco, respectively. Turkey ranks third in world tangerine production with a production of 1.8 million tons. In the same season, the leading countries in tangerine exports were Turkey (32 percent), China (23 percent) and Morocco (16 percent).

Turkey produced approximately 4.3 million tons of citrus fruit in 2020. However, almost all of the production was provided from the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions. It is seen that citrus production is concentrated in Adana, Mersin, Hatay, Muğla and Osmaniye provinces. 84 percent of Turkey's total tangerine production is carried out in the Mediterranean Region.

The Number of Citrus Fruit Orchards Increased

Citrus fruit orchards in Turkey had an area of ​​1.6 million decares in 2020. Compared to five years ago, the area of ​​collective fruit orchards increased by 16 percent. Total lemon areas increased by 56 percent and total tangerine areas increased by 28 percent. However, orange (13 percent) and grapefruit (18 percent) areas decreased. In the same year, tangerine areas made up 38 percent of the total citrus area. Lemon made up 30 percent, orange 29 percent and grapefruit 3 percent of the total citrus area. There has been a significant increase in the amount of tangerine production due to the increase in the number of trees and yield in 15 years.

1.6 million tons of tangerine production was realized in Turkey in 2020, 84 percent of the production was provided from the Mediterranean and 15 percent from the Aegean Region. Tangerine production data by province reveals that Adana ranks first in Turkey's tangerine production with a production share of 32 percent in the same season. Adana is followed by Hatay (30 percent) and Mersin (19 percent).

In the same season, 48 percent of the tangerine varieties produced in Turkey were Satsuma with a production amount of 767 thousand tons. 45 percent of the production was other types and 6 percent was Clementine type tangerines.

1.7 million tons of citrus fruits were exported from Turkey in 2020. Tangerines make up 46 percent of this export.

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