New 5B Dollars Export Target in Home Textiles

26 companies from Turkey participated in the Proposte Fair and the International Observatory Fair. The fairs took place simultaneously in Como, Italy. Uludag Textile Exporters' Association (UTIB) participated in the fairs. The Association attaches great importance to increasing the share of Turkish textiles in the world markets. UTIB’s event during the fair brought together buyers from Italy, Europe, and the USA with Turkish companies. UTIB’s chairwoman, Pınar Taşdelen Engin, noted that the fairs will pave the way for exports worth $5 billion.

After the pandemic break, UTIB accelerated its participation in international fairs. Proposte and International Observatory Fair are among the leading fairs in the world. Participating in these prestigious fairs is a great advantage for Turkish firms. They introduced the production power, quality, and designs of the Turkish textile industry to the world's important buyers.

Proposte is a textile fair for communities such as textile editors, furniture manufacturers, and wholesalers. Entry to the fair is free. The fair has been bringing together the pioneers of the textile industry in Italy since 1993. In 2022, 69 exhibitors, 29 from Italy and 40 from abroad, participated in Proposte. On the same day as Proposte, Ascontex Promozioni promoted the International Observatory. It is actually part of Proposte. This event showcases high-end upholstery fabrics and curtains. Moreover, the exhibitors introduce their latest and most exclusive products to the visitors.

UTIB took the first steps in these fairs. Their aim is to establish new collaborations thanks to the Sectoral Trade Delegation. 20 companies from Turkey participated in the Trade Delegation. 

New Networks

20 companies from Turkey participating in the Trade Delegation had one-on-one meetings with important buyers. They introduced their cutting-edge designs and established new commercial networks. Thus, great collaborations emerged. As a result, this will have positive effects on exports and the economy.

Italy and other EU member countries show interest in these fairs every year. This year, the fair attracted great interest from visitors from the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The physical organization of the fairs after a long period increased the interest. Visitors from several countries turned into an advantage for Turkish companies. 

These fairs bring together the biggest buyers of the world. Thus, it was effective for Turkish companies as well. The companies participating in the fair and the Trade Delegation are quite satisfied. They had face-to-face meetings with significant buyers from the USA, Europe, and especially Italy. Thanks to these meetings, they could establish new commercial networks. Moreover, they seized the opportunity to enter new markets. Participating companies will receive the rewards of these efforts in the coming days.

Rise in Exports

Chairwoman Engin evaluated 2021's export data and made predictions for 2022. “Home textile exports increased by 25.5 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year. Turkish companies exported home textile products to 201 countries and regions. Exports hit 3 billion 125 million dollars.”

“The pandemic changed the way people view their homes. Even if the pandemic is completely gone, people will not see their homes as before. Therefore, there will be a need for renewal at home. As a result, this will increase the export potential of our home textile industry. We can 4-5 billion dollars in a short time if we accelerate the promotional activities, especially the fairs.”

More Participation in Organizations

UTIB continues its efforts to increase exports. In April, it brought member companies together with foreign buyers at the CNR EVTEKS Fair in Istanbul.

Engin emphasized that such organizations are significant for the industry and exports. “Proposte and Observatory Fairs are two important organizations for the sector. Right after these fairs, we will host world brands at the Hometex Fair. It will be held in Istanbul between 17-21 May. As UTİB, we will continue to support our industry with different organizations.” 

Engin added that as UTIB, they will take part in many more organizations. “We will continue to participate in qualified organizations at home and abroad. Our aim is to increase the export potential of the sector. We will also continue to support companies.”

Goals Achieved

Business volume continues to increase every year at the International Observatory Fair. UTİB participated in the fair for the fifth time. 18 of the 26 companies participating from Turkey are members of UTIB. The exhibitors are distinguished companies. All companies participating in the fair left with great happiness. Their satisfaction will also be reflected in the export figures. If the participation in the fairs gains momentum, it won’t be difficult to reach 5 billion dollars, as Engin stated.


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