New Data Revealed Exports Surge to $318M

Agricultural exports granted $96M revenue in February, accounting for 57 percent of Antalya's 168 million dollars in exports. Provincial exports increased by 11.9 percent to 318 million dollars in January-February, with the agricultural sector leading the way with a 59 percent share and 189 million dollars. ATB President Ali Çandır announced the monthly export data for February. He also shared Antalya's total export data for the two months from January to February 2022.

According to Çandır, in February 2022, exports reached $168M, a 21% rise over February of last year. Çandır added, "The exports of our agriculture sector, which accounts for 57 percent of our exports, hit 96 million dollars, a 16 percent gain." "I'd like to express my gratitude to all of our farmers, dealers, and exporters for their efforts," he said.

Çandır stated that the agricultural exports of Antalya had reached 189.3 million dollars. It increased by 12 percent in the total of two months.

It seems that Antalya's export success, which increases every year, will continue to increase with production support. The fact that Antalya ranks first in Turkey's export scale also motivates farmers and manufacturers in many production sectors. Enrollment in the export list has increased compared to the previous year, both through government support and private systems.

$318M Exports in Two Months

Çandır stated that Antalya was successful in production. He noted that the city's overall exports for the two months of January-February 2022 had totaled $318M, an 11.9% rise over the same time the previous year. According to Çandır, agricultural exports increased by 12% in the last two months to $189.3M. Considering Antalya's place in Turkey's fresh fruit and vegetable production, this is not surprising.

Because when the export sector data of Antalya for 2021 and 2022 are examined, a similar ranking is seen again. The most exported product group was "Fresh Fruits and Vegetables" with 57 million 30 thousand dollars in February 2022, as in the previous year. The fresh fruit and vegetable sector shines in the first place with exports of 117 million 806 thousand dollars. In fact, fresh fruit and vegetable export increased 7.8% compared to the previous year, in the two-month total export data.

On the other hand, industrial exports increased by 12 percent and reached 78.9 million in February. “Mining Products” ranked second with 28 million 779 thousand dollars on the basis of the product group.

Exports of the mining sector increased by 10% and reached 49.9 million dollars. “Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products” ranked third with 21 million 217 thousand dollars on the basis of the product group.

Ali Çandır also gave information about Antalya's export data in Turkey. Antalya accounted for 0.9% of Turkey's total exports, 0.3 percent of industrial exports, and 5.1% of mining exports in two months.

Antalya Exports Products in Different Categories

According to Turkey's two-month export data, the location of Antalya on the product basis is as follows:

  • 21.8 percent of fresh fruit and vegetable exports,
  • 49.1 percent of the exports of ornamental plants and products,
  • 3.5 percent of agriculture and food exports are supplied from Antalya.

Turkey's highest export to Germany in February was 1 billion 785 million dollars with an increase of 19.5 percent. In line with these data, Germany ranked first among the countries to which Antalya exports the most in February, with 14 million 561 thousand dollars. It is also seen that the contribution of exports to Antalya's overall export rate is unbelievable in terms of product, sector and country data.

In the country-based export success of Antalya, the increase in exports to countries such as Italy and the USA is well above the general export increase average, also shaping the future of the city.

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