New Export Data Reveals Turkey's Success

While the momentum Turkey gained in exports continued, the impact of Thrace on exports fascinated everyone. According to the foreign trade statistics of February 2022, 298.1 million dollars of exports and 274.3 million dollars of imports were realized in Thrace.

Temporary foreign trade data produced within the framework of the general trade system was announced. It was created in cooperation with the Turkish Statistical Institute and the Ministry of Trade. The data shows that exports increased by 25.4 percent in February 2022 compared to the same month of the previous year. With this increase, exports amounted to 20 billion 4 million dollars.

In February 2022, imports increased by 44.5 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and amounted to 27 billion 885 million dollars. A total of 298.1 million dollars of exports in Thrace left its mark on Turkey. This success of Thrace, which has the power to regulate the fluctuations in exports, also affected the export score of the whole country.

Trade Minister Mehmet Mus spoke about Turkey's export potential. "The momentum we have achieved in exports continues." Evaluating this momentum based on February, Muş continued his words as follows.

“Our exports increased by 25.4% compared to February of last year, reaching $20 billion. This is the highest February export figure of all time.”

Export Market by Province in the Thrace Region

In addition to being Turkey's export treasure, the Thrace region is also highly developed on a provincial basis. The export market is increasing its volume every year and new factories and production facilities are being established. We can list the product groups that are generally exported in the Thrace region as follows.

  • cement, glass-ceramic and earthenware products,
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals,
  • leather products
  • electrical and electronic products
  • hazelnuts and their products,
  • ship equipment
  • carpet, ready-to-wear and apparel,
  • cereals, pulses, oilseeds, and their products,
  • air conditioning industry,
  • chemicals and their products,
  • dried fruit and its products,
  • mining products,
  • machinery and its parts

Although all these product groups are products that are produced and exported in the Thrace region, let's look at the evaluations based on provinces.


Tekirdağ-based companies reached an export figure of $261.4 million in February 2022. In February, exports from this province increased by 22% compared to the previous month. As products imported from Tekirdağ in February; Automotive Industry came to the fore with chemicals and products. Electricity and electronics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as ready-made clothing and apparel followed. Lastly, machinery and parts, textiles, and raw materials followed. The countries that import the most products from Tekirdağ were Germany, Italy, and Romania. According to February export figures, Tekirdağ ranks 13th in Turkey.


Kırklareli-based companies reached an export figure of 28.9 million dollars in February 2022. Exports from this province in February 2022 increased by 19.26% compared to January 2022. Compared to February of 2021, an increase of 40.07% was recorded. Exports from Kırklareli in the first 2 months of 2022 increased by 42.65% compared to the first 2 months of 2021.

In terms of the products exported from Kırklareli in February 2022; In food, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, and their products, fresh fruits and vegetables stand out. Moreover, textiles and their raw materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are also included in the list. Ready-made clothing and apparel, chemicals and products, furniture, paper, and forest products follow. Finally, steel, machinery and components, and tobacco products came to the fore.

In Kırklareli, the most exports in February were made by Angola, Yemen, and Germany, respectively. According to February export figures, Kırklareli ranks 36th in Turkey.


Edirne exported the most milled grain products, vegetables, horticultural and cultivated crops, processed vegetables, and fruits. Furthermore, products such as bakery products, fish products, metal building materials, and agricultural and forestry machinery were also exported. According to the data of TUIK Edirne Regional Directorate, Edirne exported 7.8 million dollars in February 2022.

In February, Edirne exported the most to Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Bulgaria, respectively. According to February export figures, Edirne ranked 62nd in Turkey. 

Thrace's Effect on the Economic Growth

Consequently, according to Turkey's February 2022 data, Thrace has left a big mark. Thrace, which meets most of the increase in export values, has served as a valuable treasure in economic growth. If you also want to export your products but do not know what to do, you should take a look at Turkish Goods. It plans the export process from the state-of-the-art programming systems to the transportation process.

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