New February Export Data Showed Trade Skyrocket

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) announced February export data and according to these statements, Turkey's increase in exports is quite high both in general and on an item basis. Exports totaled 20 billion dollars in February, a 25 percent increase over the same month the prior year. The highest February export figure in history was achieved with this figure.

Furthermore, TIM chairman Ismail Gülle explained that the contribution of exports to growth is 5.3 percentage points and the contribution of net exports is 4.9 percentage points. He stated that they expect Turkey's export growth to be impressive on an annual basis.

Increase in Export Rate by Quantity and Provinces

Cereals, cement, glass, ceramics and fruit and vegetable products sectors broke export records in February. On the other hand, the automotive sector, which realized exports of 2.6 billion dollars, took first place. According to the data, exports on a quantity basis increased by 12 percent to 14.1 million tons, while unit exports increased by 12 percent to $1.42 billion.

Istanbul, Kocaeli, and Bursa are the top three provinces in terms of exports, with 8 billion dollars, 1.4 billion dollars, and 1.3 billion dollars, respectively. Apart from these cities, Izmir grew its exports by 242 million dollars. Gaziantep increased its exports by 160 million dollars. They are two provinces that stand out for their increased exports.

“We will continue our TIM Anatolian Assembly programs to cover all our regions”

"We have consulted with the exporters of our region in order to further expand our export in the new period," TIM Chairman Ismail Gülle said. He pointed out the TIM Southeastern Anatolia Assembly program they held in Gaziantep in February.

Further, he added, " By traveling down to the field, we were able to observe current trends, difficulties, and requests. In the future period, we will continue our TIM Anatolian Assembly activities to reach all of our territories. Our four cities, Tekirdağ, Kütahya, Kırşehir, and Ankara, had the biggest exports in February in their history. I applaud all of our cities on a job well done."

The Highest Export Was in Automotive, the Highest Increase Was in the Chemicals Sector

"Our entire exports surpassed 37.6 billion dollars in the first two months of the year," Gülle said regarding the export figures. "When we look at the data more closely, we can see that 24 industries have increased their exports. This month, our automotive sector led the way with $2.6 billion in exports, followed by our chemicals sector ($2.4 billion) and our ready-to-wear sector ($1.8 billion). Chemical exports surged by $728 million over the previous year, steel exports increased by $595 million, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals exports increased by $412 million."

Trade Delegations that Started with UAE Will Continue with Israel and Spain

In addition, Gülle said "Buyers in the United Arab Emirates have a significant interest for our Turkish enterprises". He added that they had their first trade missions in 2022 in Dubai with highly active participation in February. “We have a very significant potential to strengthen cooperation in the domains of health, industry, technology, agriculture, and land and sea transportation as a result of the agreements struck between the two countries. We exported $477 million to the United Arab Emirates in February. On March 5, we'll continue our trade delegations to Israel, and on March 14, we'll go to Spain.”

Export in Turkish Lira Increased by 92% in February

Gülle followed his address by stating that, according to the declarations, a total of $9 billion in Turkish Lira exports were made to 165 countries. He added that "export in Turkish Lira surged by 92 percent in February. For the foreseeable future, the employment of local currencies in mutual trade will be crucial.”

Turkey Was the Strongest Performer Among G-20, OECD, and EU Countries

Moreover, Ismail Gülle noted in his introductory statement that Turkey grew by 11% in 2021 and had the best economic performance in the last ten years. He added, "With this performance, we became the strongest performing country among the G-20, OECD, and EU countries in 2021." The reason for this expansion was industrial production and export. Based on primary items, exports grew at the fastest rate. Exports accounted for 5.3 points of growth, while net exports accounted for 4.9 points. The industry grew by 17%, while investments increased by 6%.

Turkey Continues to Be a Shining Star in the Export Sector

While enterprises began to exhibit increased interest in exporting, Gülle declared that in 2022, 1718 companies joined in the export. Monthly records were broken with shipments to a total of nine nations. Germany topped the list with 1.8 billion dollars. The United States of America followed with 1.3 billion dollars, and the United Kingdom with 1.1 billion dollars.

Turkey continues to shine in exports, develop, and change. Similarly, Turkish Goods continues to be the reliable face of exports and to carry all kinds of products.