Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exports Surge

Turkey continues to increase its success in exports on the basis of ready-made clothing and apparel. The ready-to-wear and apparel industry realized exports of 16 billion 172 million dollars in the 9 months this year. With this figure, it achieved the highest January-September period exports of all time. The ready-to-wear industry has gained momentum in terms of seasonality every year. It has made a profound contribution to the country's economy this year as well.

According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Turkey's exports increased by 9.2% in September compared to the same month of the previous year. They amounted to 22.6 billion dollars. Thus, the highest September exports have been reached so far. Turkey has achieved a great increase both on a monthly and seasonal basis. The country continues its innovative activities in production and exports.

Increasing Export Value

In January-September 2022, exports increased by 17% compared to the same period of the previous year. They amounted to 188.2 billion dollars. Annualized export value exceeded 252.6 billion dollars. The progress in Turkey's annualized export value table also provides information on the breadth of the export scale. Increasing export value also increases export expectations for the coming years.

The ready-to-wear and apparel industry realized an export of 1 billion 942 million dollars in September 2021. However, it decreased by 0.7% same period this year and made 1 billion 928 million dollars of exports. Although a decrease is observed on a sectoral basis in the monthly evaluation, the situation of the sector is quite bright in terms of periodicity. As we have mentioned before, the ready-to-wear and apparel sector's exports to the 16 billion band in January-September 2022, with an increase of 9.3% compared to the same period of the previous year, is a significant increase in Turkey's export line.

Istanbul contributed to the sector's September exports, which totaled 1.4 billion dollars. Izmir came in second with $114 million, followed by Bursa with $144 million. Producers in Bursa, who haven't suffered any losses from their performance, particularly in textiles, keep producing their creative works.

11.1 billion dollars of the 16.1 billion dollars export of the sector in the January-September period of this year was realized from Istanbul. In addition, 1.4 billion dollars was obtained from Bursa and 1.1 billion dollars from İzmir.

Turkey Exports the Most to Germany

When considered on a sectoral basis, the ready-made clothing and apparel industry exported the most to Germany with 296 million dollars in September. Germany was followed by Spain with $245 million and the United Kingdom with $197 million.

In addition, on a periodic basis, the sector realized exports of 2.8 billion dollars to Germany and 2 billion dollars to Spain in the January-September period. It also exported 1.6 billion dollars to the United Kingdom.

When we look at the country groups to which the most exports were made in the sector last month, EU countries are in the first place with 1.1 billion dollars. Other European countries ranked second with $258 million, and Commonwealth of Independent States countries ranked third with $189 billion. Thanks to Turkey's expanding network, numerical increases are also observed in the country groups to which it exports.

In the 9 months of this year, 9.9 billion dollars were exported to EU countries and 2 billion dollars to other European countries. Finally, 1.2 billion dollars were exported to Middle East countries.

The ready-to-wear and apparel industry exported to 179 countries and regions last month. According to TEA data, it received an 8.5% share of the country's total exports in the same period. On the other hand, it had a share of 8.6% in the country's total exports. The sector exported to 213 countries and regions in the 9 months of this year.

Role of Turkey in Ready-to-Wear and Apparel

With the implementation of the export-oriented development policy in 1980, the textile and ready-to-wear sector began to expand quickly, and since then, investments have expanded in the industry. In terms of gross domestic product, contribution to manufacturing and industrial production, exports, net foreign currency input to the economy, employment, and investment, the textile and clothing sector ranks among Turkey's significant industries. Today, a substantial portion of the Turkish textile and clothing business is focused on exports. The amount of capacity already in place exceeds the level of domestic demand.

As a result, increasing studies, manufacturers' orientation to new demands, and the development of new types also ensure the development of the Turkish ready-made clothing and apparel industry. In this way, many innovative products, from anti-allergic products to dirt-repellent products, attract the attention of the world. And Turkey meets export demands with its high-quality production network.