The Export of Cereals and Pulses Continues to Surge

Turkey is among the best exporters in the region and the leading exporters in the world in the agricultural sector. Grains and legumes have an important place in world trade as they are the main food sources of humanity. In particular, cereals are the food group that has been cultivated for centuries, which has strategic importance in the world. Wheat, corn, rice, barley, oats, and rye are the most consumed and important cereals.

Cereals are in the first place in agricultural production in the world. Legumes take second place after cereals. Just like cereals, legumes are a food group with a very high value in terms of protein that people need most. Thanks to its fertile lands, Turkey has an important status in the production and export of cereals and legumes. Turkey's export rates in this sector are increasing every year.

Significant Increase in Exports of Cereals and Pulses

Export rates for July 2022 were announced by the Istanbul Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds, and Products Exporters' Association (IHBIR). According to the announced data, the export rates of the Turkish cereals sector significantly increased compared to the same period of the previous year. IHBIR's exports in July increased by 22.4% compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 181.5 million dollars.

The exports of the cereals sector in Turkey in July increased by 31.6% compared to the same month of the previous year. Also, the export value reached 844.9 million dollars. In addition, Turkey's exports in the January-July period increased by 31.4% and reached 6 billion 258 million dollars.

The Highest Demand for the Cereals Industry Came from the USA

Iraq, the USA, and Algeria were the countries to which the cereals sector exported the most in July, respectively. As well as, the countries to which IHBIR realized the most exports in July were the USA, Yemen, and Iraq, respectively. A significant increase was observed in exports to Yemen. According to the data, 14.2 million dollars worth of exports were realized with an increase of 498.5%. Finally, exports to Iraq amounted to 13.2 million dollars with a decrease of 9% compared to the same month of the previous year. 

When the annual export rates are analyzed, the countries to which IHBIR exports the most are the USA, Iraq, and Germany, respectively. Grains and pulses 305.4 million dollars were exported to the USA, which ranks first. Iraq followed the USA with 204.1 million dollars. Finally, grains and pulses worth 112 million dollars were exported to Germany.

Convenience Food Takes the First Place in Exports

When the data announced by İHBİR is analyzed on the basis of goods groups, the highest export was realized in convenience food with 44.3 million dollars. Sugar and sugar products take second place with 41.7 million dollars. Pastry products are in third place with an export value of 30.1 million dollars.

In the first seven months of 2022, the country with the highest import in the grain sector in Turkey was Iraq with 1 billion 251 million dollars. The USA followed Iraq with $380.6 million. Finally, Syria ranks third with an import value of 320.3 million dollars.

Export Rates Continue to Increase in the Grain Sector

In July 2022, the product group which the Turkish grain industry exported the most was pastry products. According to the data, the export rate of pastry products increased by 17.1% compared to the same month of the previous year. Exports amounted to 2 billion 429 million. Pastry products were followed by milling products with an export value of 1.87 billion. Vegetable oil products ranked third with 1.58 billion dollars.

Exports in the grain sector to EU member states were 54.6 million dollars in July 2022. Also, in the first seven months of 2022, exports to the same countries amounted to 552.6 million dollars.

Kazım Taycı Made a Statement on Export Rates

Kazım Taycı, Chairman of the Board of İHBİR, made statements about the increasing export rates. Taycı stated that although there are factors that will adversely affect export rates and endorsement. However,  IHBIR's monthly growth trend continues to rise every month as of the fifth month of 2021. Due to the Russia-Ukraine War, the production of many products in the cereals and pulses sector was prohibited. Taycı underlined that despite this negative situation, İHBİR did not lose its upward trend.

“One of the most important reasons for this growing trend is that Turkey's change in logistics and supply chains is in favor of Turkey. Manufacturers and exporters in Turkey should aim to be permanent in every country where they sell their products. In order to support this, the distribution channels of the exported countries should be well determined. In addition, it is necessary to learn how to sell products and how to address different channels. At the moment, Turkey should not lose the advantage it has gained in the supply chain.” said Taycı.

Taycı added, “We follow the export strategy to distant countries. Regarding this, we are in negotiations for several new fairs in South America. At the same time, we are planning fairs in several different countries in the Far East. Lastly, our goal is to realize more widespread, and value-added exports.