The Turkish Shoe Exports Surge by 25%

Shoes, one of the items we use the most, will continue to remain indispensable in our lives. Whether for comfort or elegance, we'll always buy new shoes and it creates an incredibly huge industry. Shoes are now somehow an indicator of elegance. This sector has already taken a significant place in the world, and everyone has their favorite brands.

An average of 2 pairs of shoes are used per person per year. According to the shoe types, leather is the most popular and common shoe material. Leather shoes have a share of 40 percent of the total shoe materials. Over 50 percent of these shoes are produced in Asia, thus Asia has the largest percentage in the world. The production of sneakers has increased since they are no longer used for sports purposes only, but also for daily necessities or fashion concerns. Nowadays, sneakers are used everywhere in our daily lives, even at weddings sometimes.

The number is close to 20 percent of the total shoe production. Asian countries account for 80 percent of shoe production. Work shoes have a share of only 2 percent in the total production of shoes.

Global Shoe Industry

In the shoe industry, China is the largest producer, consumer, and exporter with a share of over 50 percent. India, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Pakistan, and Turkey follow China in production. While China leads the way with 6,500 million pairs, India follows this country with 800 million. Brazil follows with 600 million, and Indonesia with 500 million pairs. China and the USA take the first two places in consumption. There is a big difference between them and the countries that follow them.

China's annual consumption is 2,500 million pairs, while the USA's is over 1,800 million pairs. These countries are followed by India, Japan, Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, England, and Pakistan, respectively. The USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, England, France, and Italy take the first places in the import order. The USA ranks first with its imports of over 1,800 million pairs. While Canada and Belgium lost their first places, Poland and Russia took their place. After the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, England, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and Russia follow. The total import of these markets, excluding the USA, exceeds 3.250 million pairs.

Shoe Industry in Turkey

The footwear business is heavily reliant on Turkey's leather sector. The Turkish leather industry, which has a 500-year history, is emerging as a global leader in the leather sector. The Turkish leather industry, which plays an important role in the Turkish economy, continues to evolve daily by merging new technology with its historical roots. Leather is one of Turkey's leading export sectors. The export figure of the leather sector for 2018 was about $1.6 billion. Approximately 70% of the sector's production is carried out using semi-mechanized manufacturing techniques, with handwork accounting for the remaining 15%.

Turkish Shoe Exports Skyrocketed

Turkish shoe exports increased by 25.1 percent in the first two months compared to the same period of the previous year and amounted to 199 million dollars. The share of the leather footwear exports in the January-February period was 63.9 percent. While the export of leather and leather products was 311.3 million dollars in the first 2 months, the share of shoes in the total was 199 million dollars.

In the January-February period, Turkey exported 18.8 million dollars’ worth of footwear products to Russia. In Russia, an increase of 22.9 percent was experienced in imports. Russia received a share of 9.4 percent of Turkey's shoe exports, thus making Russia the most exported country of Turkey.

Russia was followed by Germany with 16 million dollars, Spain with 12.6 million dollars, Italy with 9.5 million dollars, and finally, Iraq with 8.8 million dollars. Libya, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, and France were also among the top 10 countries where Turkey exported shoes the most.

The Increase in Exports to Libya Exceeded 208%

In the January-February period, the country with the highest increase among the top 10 shoe exports of Turkey was Libya with 208.3 percent. Turkey obtained 8.62 million dollars from the sales of shoes to this country. The increase in Turkey’s exports was 156.3 percent in Poland, 70.1 percent in the United Kingdom, and 56.4 percent in Italy. The share of EU countries in Turkey's footwear exports was 40.7 percent.

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