The USA Becomes the Second Country to Which Turkey Exports

The USA, the second-largest investor in Turkey, has the most striking data in terms of trade. While there is a great bond between them in terms of trade, the US became the second country to which Turkey exports the most, according to the data by the Ministry of Commerce. It is also ranked fourth among the countries it imports the most.

The USA and Turkey Ties in the Field of Commerce

The trade volume between the two countries in 2021 seems to be around 28 billion dollars. These trade breakthroughs between the two countries will also affect the innovation processes in the coming years. There are approximately 2000 USA capital companies in Turkey. Apart from these, the market share of Turkish companies in the USA is also large. Presenting his letter of credence to President Erdoğan recently, US Ambassador to Turkey Jeffry Lane Flake emphasized the continuity of the developments between the two countries in science, culture, and education and stated that they hope the future will be brighter. He said that mutual trust and relationships in trade and investment bind people together.

Your Trade Network in Turkey

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