Turkey Continues to Surge Its Honey Exports

Honey is a product that has countless benefits and is loved and consumed by everyone. The rich vitamins and minerals in honey protect the immune system. Honey, which contains more than one remedy in one spoon, is recommended to be consumed in the treatment of many diseases. In addition, foods obtained from beekeeping activities; such as pollen, propolis, and royal jelly are used in the treatment of many diseases. Finally, after the Covid-19 pandemic, people's preference for natural and fortifying foods has also increased the demand for honey.

Turkey is among the leading countries in honey production and export with its developed beekeeping activities. Delicious and healthy honey produced in Turkey continues to be used in the food and cosmetics industry. Turkey, with its rich climate, is a country engaged in beekeeping activities. Beekeeping is done in high-altitude and hilly areas. As the altitude increases, the richness of the flowers increases, which increases the yield from honey production. The provinces where beekeeping activities are carried out most frequently in Turkey are Ordu, Muğla, Kars, Artvin, Çanakkale, and Adana.

Honey Exports from Turkey to Around the World

The export of honey produced from Turkey continues to increase by breaking records every year. In 2021, honey from Turkey was exported to 55 countries. 

According to the data announced in 2022, Turkey exported 9,875 tons of honey to 55 countries in 2021. The amount of foreign currency obtained in this export was announced as 30 million 498 thousand 600 dollars. In 2021, the USA was at the top of the countries that demand the most honey exports with 8 million 860 thousand 506 dollars. Germany follows the USA with 6 million 940 thousand 35 dollars and Spain with 2 million 261 thousand 335 dollars. Finally, Bulgaria demanded 1 million 124 thousand 139 dollars and Israel 985 thousand 149 dollars worth of honey from Turkey.

Turkey's Honey Exports Increased by 75% in the First Half of 2022

Although honey production in Turkey is adversely affected by bad weather conditions, honey production continues uninterruptedly. In addition, significant increases are experienced in honey exports.

Turkey's honey exports in the first six months of 2022 increased by a remarkable 75% compared to the same period of the previous year. According to the data announced by the Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association (DKİB), Turkey exported 8,892 tons of honey to 46 different countries in the first six months of 2022. Revenue of 23 million 829 thousand 670 dollars was obtained from exports to 46 different countries. 

In the first six months of 2021, 3,800 tons of honey were exported. In return, a foreign exchange inflow of 597 thousand 813 dollars was provided. Compared to last year, the amount of honey exported this year increased by 134%, while revenue increased by 75%.

Countries with the Most Honey Exports are the USA, Germany, and Spain

The countries that are outstanding in Turkey's honey export are the USA, Germany, and Spain. The USA ranked first by demanding 7 million 904 thousand 362 dollars worth of honey. Then, Germany with 3 million 640 thousand 94 dollars. Finally, 3 million 378 thousand 193 dollars worth of honey exports were made to Spain.

Honey Exported to 14 Countries for the First Time in 2022

In addition to the increase in honey exports, Turkey also exported honey to new markets in 2022. By exporting honey to countries to which it had never exported in 2021, Turkey delivered Turkish honey to many more countries this year. These countries include Slovenia, Peru, Maldives, Denmark, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Barbados, Mauritania, Liberia, Bangladesh, North Macedonia, Taiwan, and Portugal.

DKİB Chairman of the Board Saffet Kalyoncu Made Statements About Turkey's Increasing Honey Exports

DKİB Chairman of the Board Saffet Kalyoncu made statements about Turkey's increasing honey exports. He said that Turkey ended the six months of the year with an increase in honey exports.

Kalyoncu stated that honey was a product that contributes significantly to the country's economy and that Turkey had very important potential for honey production in terms of flora diversity. Therefore, Kalyoncu emphasized that expectations from honey exports were high. Kalyonucu underlined the importance of concentrating on and supporting the production of value-added and branded products so that honey can be exported in much higher numbers.

According to Kalyoncu, it is important to mark and then export the honey according to each flower type. Kalyoncu concluded his words as follows: "our exporters and growers need to give importance to the export of higher value-added products by working quickly."

Finally, The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry supports many projects to increase honey production. There are 553 honey forests in Turkey. It is aimed to increase these honey forests to 720 by 2023.