Turkey Exported to 131 Additional Countries in September

It was revealed that Turkey's exports climbed by 9.2 percent in September to $22.6 billion. Exports exceeded 188 billion dollars in nine months and 252 billion dollars in a year.

Trade Minister Muş discussed Turkey's export figures at the Export Mobilization Summit. Noting that a record was broken in all of the first 9 months, Minister Muş said, "Even if global demand decreases, Turkey will achieve its export target."

The meeting was also accompanied by Mustafa Gültepe, Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM). Gültepe stated that they had grown their exports to 131 countries, with Germany, the United States, and Iraq being the top three exporting countries. Gültepe also claimed that exports hit 22.6 billion dollars in September, a 9.2 percent increase. It was stated that they realized the highest September export performance to date.

The Chemical Industry Represented the Majority of Exports

Gültepe reported that in the last 12 months, they broke a monthly export record. "The concern about shrinking in global trade is growing," Gültepe said. ‘’Despite the economic downturn, this success becomes far more significant. In September, our 15 industries increased their exports. This month, our top five sectors are chemistry and biotechnology, with 2.9 billion and 2.7 billion dollars."

According to TIM statistics, the chemicals and products industry exported 2 billion 920 million dollars last month. The automobile industry came second with  2 billion 753 million dollars. The ready-made textile and apparel industry ranked third with 1 billion 928 million dollars. Ship and yacht services had seen the greatest growth in exports last month, rising 69.5 percent. Exports in the industrial sector, which accounted for 82.2 percent of overall Turkish exports last month, were 16 billion 273 million dollars, a 3 percent increase.

"Our grains, machinery, and fruit and vegetable products industries earned the highest export figures in their history," Gültepe continued. ‘’With the effect of global market developments, chemistry remains the leading export sector. Apart from these, significant gains have been made in our automotive, furniture, and jewelry sectors. This month, 45 provinces increased their exports. In that order, our top five exporting provinces are Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, İzmir, and Ankara. In addition to these cities, large increases were observed in Sakarya, Çorum, Konya, and Gaziantep. With its ideal location and extensive hinterland, we envision Trabzon as a vital gateway between Russia, the Caucasus, and the Turkish Republics."

While 45 provinces boosted their exports in September, the top five provinces with the largest exports were Istanbul with 8.8 billion dollars, Kocaeli with 1.6 billion dollars, and Bursa with 1.4 billion dollars. 

"In September, 15 industries raised their exports."

Trade Minister Mehmet Muş addressed global recession concerns. Despite the recession, which affected countries all over the world in terms of trade, he stated that exports climbed by 9.2 percent in September to 22.6 billion dollars. Muş declared that this is the highest September export result in history and that the top monthly export figures were attained in all of 2022.

Germany is the Most Exported Country

Turkey's expectations from Trabzon province are quite high. Gültepe stated that Trabzon will target 2 billion dollars in the 100th year of the Republic. Trabzon exported 1,251 goods to 129 countries in 27 sectors in September. Saying that exports were made to 220 countries in September, Gültepe announced that they increased their exports to 131 countries.

According to the figures given at the meeting, Germany, the United States, and Iraq are the top three exporting countries. In addition to these countries, Saudi Arabia increased its imports by 221% while Lebanon increased its imports by 102%. Switzerland follows these countries with 71%. "350 representatives from 257 foreign companies participated in our missions," Gültepe stated. ‘’More than 600 bilateral business meetings were held between our companies. We planned trade missions to Romania and Tatarstan last month, with 46 members from exporters' unions and company representatives participating."

It was stated that Turkish goods were very popular in these countries. This month, 1,942 Turkish enterprises exported for the first time. In September, new businesses earned 114 million dollars in exports. On the other hand, the unit export value climbed by 22% over the same month of the previous year, reaching 1.62 dollars.

"We updated TIM's mission and vision last month"

According to Gültepe, renewable resources contribute to 28 percent of global electricity production. These sources also contribute to 46 percent of Turkey’s electricity production.  Furthermore, he noted that the Turkish Exporters' Association (TIM) is actively monitoring all export-related issues. The discussion emphasized the significance of connecting the sectors as an overarching framework. TIM's vision and objectives, which were modified last month, were updated to place Turkey among the top 10 exporters.

Gültepe stated that they have specified their short, medium, and long-term export ambitions for a promising future. Turkey's exports totaled 22.6 billion dollars in September and Turkey's 12-month export targets continue to be achieved.