Turkey Made the All-Time Highest April Exports

The covid-19 pandemic, which is effective all over the world, has adversely acted upon international trade. While many countries had difficulties in export and logistics, Turkey continued to increase its exports. Exporters, who entered 2022 quite prolifically, increased their exports in April by 24.6% compared to the previous year and reached 23.4 billion dollars. This figure went down in history as the month with the highest exports in Turkey's trade history.

2022 Started with High Export Figures

According to the figures announced at the conference organized by the minister of trade Mehmet Muş, and the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Turkey achieved very important export figures. Despite the problems experienced in global trade, Turkey gained momentum in 2021 and continued it in 2022. In addition to being the month with the highest exports in the republic's history, April also has the day with the highest exports. The export of 1 billion 956 million dollars made on April 29 was recorded as the most exported amount in one day.

Foreign Trade Volume Increased

Foreign trade volume increased significantly in April compared to the previous year. In April, foreign trade volume increased by 30.1% compared to the previous year and reached 52.8 billion dollars. Mehmet Muş said that the ratio of exports to imports, excluding the energy sector, was over one hundred percent. Considering that a large part of Turkey's January-April 2022 imports is made from the energy sector, an important part of foreign trade is exportation.

The Energy Crisis and the Russia-Ukraine War Have Impact on Foreign Trade

Recently, there has been an increase in energy prices all over the world with the effect of the Russia-Ukraine War. This situation, which also affected Turkey, created upward pressure on the prices of specially imported energy products. According to the World Bank data, the increase in energy prices by 591.9 percent in Europe increased the import figures of the countries. The most important reason for the increase in imports in Turkey is this price increase. Despite all these increases, Turkey's exports increased significantly compared to last year. It means that Turkey is a strong country in non-energy export items.

Turkey Takes Firm Steps to Become a Strong Supplier and Production Base

Turkey has become an important supplier country as China stopped raw material shipments and limited its trade due to the corona pandemic. It keeps world trade alive, thanks to its advanced transportation and logistics network and acting as a bridge between Asia and Europe. Turkey achieved significant success with its export level of 240.1 billion dollars in the last 12 months. Turkey, which wants to maintain this export volume in 2022, achieved significant export figures in the first four months of the year.