Turkey Monetized More Money from Tropical Fruit Exports

Turkey continues its progress in the agricultural sector. It is making progress every day, especially in the production and export of fresh vegetables and fruits. While continuing to add variety to its quality and delicious products, it carried its progress in the export of tropical fruit even further in the past years.

According to Hayrettin Uçak, president of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association, Turkey exported 7 million 857 thousand dollars worth of tropical fruit in the first half of 2022. Uçak, in his written statement, emphasized that Turkey's value-added chain is growing more and more each year. He also explained that the graph in tropical fruit exports has drawn an increase, especially in recent years.

While tropical fruit exports are increasing in proportion, the diversity in the product range attracts everyone's attention. Having signed reliable commercial agreements, Turkey has also proven its success in the export-based tropical fruit sector.

Uçak reported that between 2018 and 2021, exports of tropical fruits climbed by 225 percent. Even though this rate is already extremely high, greater growth is anticipated in the future. The positioning of tropical fruits on the global market is crucial for maintaining a balance between supply and demand.

Uçak analyzed and announced the tropical fruit export data by year. "Our tropical fruit exports throughout Turkey were 4 million dollars in 2018 and 5 million dollars in 2019. In addition, we increased our exports to 13 million dollars in 2021 with an 85% jump, while it was 6 million dollars in 2020."

The Target for Tropical Fruit Exports is 20 Million Dollars

One of the biggest reasons for the intensification of exports and the demand for tropical fruits is the expansion of the product range. In this regard, Uçak also included this information in his statement.

He said that the export adventure that started with kiwi and avocado has expanded with fruits such as dragon fruit, passion fruit, carambola, papaya, mango, pineapple, coconut, and blueberry. The breadth of the product range also increases the developments in the production network. Producers are satisfied with the popularity of tropical fruits.

Uçak included expectations in his words:

While we exported tropical fruits to about 60 countries in 2020, we increased this to 83 countries and regions in 2021. We foresee that we can increase our tropical fruit exports to 20 million dollars by the end of 2022.”

The ever-increasing production plan also intensifies attempts to expand the tropical fruit-growing areas in Turkey. Expectations are, therefore, very high. Agribusiness facilities and greenhouses with ideal conditions are improving. The benefits of this development are also seen in the nation's exports of tropical fruits.

Turkey's Number One Country of Export: Russia

Russia and Romania continue to be Turkey's top importers of fresh produce. These nations are among the leading importers of tropical fruits in the first half of 2022. Uçak demonstrated the significance of Turkey in the tropical fruit market and the progressive rise in demand by providing statistics on this matter.

"We have an export of 1 million 467 thousand dollars to Russia. Moreover, we exported 920 thousand dollars to Romania with an increase of 10 percent. Our exports to the UK have reached 981 thousand dollars in the first half of 2022, from 119 thousand dollars compared to last year.”

In this approach, he claimed that in the first half of 2022, the UK rose to become Turkey's third-largest export market. Exports to Germany climbed by 38 percent, from 447 thousand dollars to 621 thousand dollars.

“Spain ranks first in tropical fruit exports with 553,000 dollars,” he said.

Product-Specific Export Rates

Referring to the export reports on the basis of products, Uçak underlined that Turkey is an agricultural country.

Kiwi, which grows mostly in the Black Sea and Marmara Regions in Turkey, was exported mostly to Russia at 5 million 454 thousand dollars. 

Mango, which is grown in the coastal areas of warmer cities such as Adana and Mersin in Turkey, was the fruit that rose the most. Uçak said that the export of mango to Russia increased from 144 thousand dollars to 1 million 126 thousand dollars. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, ranks first in mango exports with 948 thousand dollars.

The output of blueberries, which are primarily farmed in Turkey's Black Sea Region, is still rising. The majority of Turkey's delectable blueberries were sold to Germany. Germany was the leading exporter of blueberries, driving this increase from 524 thousand to 761 thousand dollars.

Giving importance to change in its product range, Turkey includes different tropical fruits according to the climatic characteristics of its regions. Especially recently, it is also supportive of the cultivation of products such as guava pear and kumquat. Considering the product range, it is clear that tropical fruit exports will shine in the second half of 2022.