Turkey’s 9-Month Furniture Exports Surge

Turkey continues to break records in the export of furniture group products. During the pandemic, which had negative effects around the world, there were great turbulences in the export and import networks. Despite this, Turkey, which manages the circumstances steadily, continues to multiply its export revenues. The country has a worldwide reputation in furniture, paper, and forest products. According to the data compiled from the figures of the Istanbul Furniture, Paper and Forest Products Exporters Association, the exports of the sector broke a record in the January-September period of this year.

In the first nine months of the year, Turkey's exports of furniture, paper, and forestry goods rose by 22.6 percent year over year. It rose to 6.2 billion dollars. The furniture industry received a share of 3.55 billion dollars from this export.

Iraq was one of the nations to which Turkey exported the most furniture during the relevant period, totaling $380.2 million. Iraq is followed by Germany with $304.4 million. On the list of nations to which Turkey exports the most furniture, Israel comes in at 191.2 million dollars. The United States comes in at $186.7 million. The fifth-placed country on this list is France, which imported furniture worth $161 million.

Although the ranking is almost the same compared to the previous year, quite different countries are included in the list on the basis of the increase.

The Highest Increase in Turkey's Furniture Exports Belongs to Qatar

Qatar saw the largest rise in furniture exports this year with a 90% increase. Qatar received the purchase of furniture for $150.6 million. The countries' bilateral ties have also contributed to the increase in exports. However, Turkey's revelation of its success in the furniture industry has had a significant impact.

Cots and cradles for children come in first place among the furniture exports that stand out when looking at the past nine months. Among the most popular product categories are sitting furniture, wooden dining and living room furniture, and metal furniture. Additionally, among the most exported goods were pieces of seating furniture that could be converted into beds. One of the main reasons why countries like these product groups are the high level of diversity within them, which is favored in terms of both innovation and usefulness.

In terms of a monthly rise, exports of forestry, paper, and furniture goods reached $761 million in September, up 17% from the same month the year before. $432 million of this total were accounted for by furniture.

Favorite Country of Paper and Cardboard Industry: United Kingdom

In addition to the furniture industry, there were pleasing results in the paper industry exports as well. In January-September 2022, exports of the paper and cardboard industry increased by 21 percent to 2.3 billion dollars. The cardboard and packaging industry has a share of 891 million dollars in this export figure. 

The most important market of the paper and cardboard products industry in 9 months was the United Kingdom with 268 million dollars. While the United Kingdom was the favorite with the largest share, Italy's peak in export growth was 152 percent. Among the countries to which Turkey exports paper and cardboard products, the following countries are in the top 5 ranks:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Israel
  3. Iraq
  4. Persia
  5. USA

"We have achieved an increase in exports to Saudi Arabia and Russia"

The figures were discussed by Erkan Özkan, president of the Istanbul Furniture, Paper, and Forest Products Exporters' Association. He claimed that the increase in furniture exports in their strong markets was successful. At this point, Özkan stated that there has been an increase in exports to Saudi Arabia and Russia this year. He also stated that the rise in exports to Saudi Arabia and Russia, like the rise in Qatar, is also related to the development of Turkey.

"We have increased by more than 50% and our export has already surpassed the overall amount for 2021 after the establishment of bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia."

Özkan also made comments about Russia. He also stated that they opened new areas in the furniture market as Russia started to have problems with European countries. And he added:

"Last year, we made an export of approximately 67 million dollars to Russia. Our goal is to complete 2022 by surpassing last year's figures."

2023 Targets in Turkey's Paper and Cardboard Industry

The increasing trend in the paper and cardboard industry is confirmed by export data, according to Alican Duran, vice president of the Istanbul Furniture, Paper and Forest Products Exporters Association.

Pointing out that the world is currently experiencing difficulties in accessing raw materials and energy, Duran said that Turkey is working on this issue. He said that at the end of 2022, they met their export expectations. And added:

"We also have big targets for 2023."

Furthermore, Duran pointed out that they are carrying out large-scale projects in this regard and underlined that if they invest in new markets, there will be no problems.