Turkey's Garment Exports Increased by 23.02%

Turkey, which has risen to prominence in the textile sector as a result of its export performance in recent years, is one of the world's leading suppliers of both knitted and woven fabric. From now till the first half of 2019, knitting exports rank third after weaving and yarn exports. Knitted fabric group exports were 660.9 million dollars between January and June, accounting for 15.2 percent of overall textile and raw material exports. In June 2019, exports increased by 4.7 percent to 148.2 million dollars.

According to figures from the Turkish Statistical Institute and the country's commerce ministry, apparel exports from Turkey climbed by 23.02 percent year on year in the first eleven months of 2021. Turkey exported clothes worth $16.676 billion from January to November 2021, up from $13.555 billion in the same period in 2020.

Non-knitted apparel and accessories exports were valued at $6.8B, representing a 14.0% rise over $6B in January-November 2020 shipments. Carpets, mats, matting, and tapestries exports increased by 26.7 percent to $2.9B over the study period. Exports of used clothing and other textile items and rags increased by 15.6% to $2.6B between January and November 2021. Meanwhile, Turkey's cotton, cotton yarn, and cotton textiles imports soared by 42.2% to $3.289 billion.

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