Turkey's Hazelnut Exports Boomed in the Last 10 Months

Data for Turkey's hazelnut exports between 1 September 2021 and 30 June 2022 has been announced. Turkey exported 306.653 tonnes of hazelnuts during the period in question. The country earned $1.810.072.668 of revenue.

Turkey Exported Hazelnuts to Germany the Most

In the first half of the year, Turkey exported hazelnuts to 124 nations. The countries with the most exports were Germany, Italy, and France. Turkey exported 149 thousand 701 tonnes of hazelnuts between January and June 2022. The country generated $835.097.371.

Turkey exported hazelnuts worth $212.641.734 to Germany. Furthermore, Turkey exported $156.653.335 to Italy, and $50.704,253 to France.

Turkey also exported hazelnuts to different countries. Unlike in the first half of last year, Turkey also exported to Venezuela, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, and Mauritania. 

30% of Turkey's Hazelnut Exports Are from Trabzon

In the January-June period, Trabzon accounted for 30% of Turkey's total hazelnut exports. In the first half of the year, companies in Trabzon earned $250.658.937. Trabzon exported 51.536 tonnes of hazelnut. The state made sales to 56 different countries.

The Chairman of the Hazelnut Committee said that hazelnut exports in the 6-month period of the year exceeded 835 million dollars. Hazelnut exports from Trabzon increased by 20% in quantity and decreased by 9 percent in value. During the season's ten months, Trabzon accounted for 34% of hazelnut exports or one-third of all hazelnut exports. Thus the province maintained its first place in hazelnut exports. During the mentioned time, Trabzon exported hazelnuts to 61 nations. The top importers were Italy, Germany, Poland, France, and the People's Republic of China.

In the remaining 6 months, It is thought that hazelnut exports will close the year with an increase. Because the new season products are also supplied to the market. Experts think that Turkey will reach the targeted figures two months before the end of the year.

Reminding that there is 1 month left until the hazelnut harvest starts, Cirav said that they estimated that this year's yield would be very good considering the current weather conditions. According to experts, the shift to a support model will boost yield and quality in production. It will have the greatest influence on Turkey's hazelnut agriculture.

Experts thought the COVID-19 outbreak would have a negative impact on hazelnuts. Contrary to concerns, Turkey managed to reach the highest export figures. In the 2021–2022 season, which started on September 1, exports continued at the level of expectations. 340 thousand tonnes of exports are expected to be reached by the end of the season.

Turkey's 2020-2021 Charts and Future Goals

Turkey exported 292 thousand 439 tonnes of hazelnuts in the 2020–2021 export season. The country generated 2 billion 10 million 787 thousand 689 dollars in revenue. The hazelnut sector had a 1 percent share of total exports in the said period. In 2021, Turkey reached the highest export figures in the history of the republic in hazelnuts, with 344 thousand 370 tonnes on a yearly basis.

In the 2019-2020 period, Turkey exported 343 thousand, 561 tonnes on a seasonal basis. Germany, Italy, France, Poland, and the Netherlands were the five countries to which the hazelnut and hazelnut products sector exported the most in 2021. Thus, all 5 countries to which Turkey's hazelnut and hazelnut products sector exported the most were EU countries.

In 2021, the exports of hazelnut and its products amounted to 536.4 million dollars to Germany. Italy followed Germany with 497.7 million dollars, France with 163.1 million dollars, Poland with 106.3 million dollars, and Holland with 84.1 million dollars.

In 2020, Turkey had no exports to Djibouti, French Polynesia, Brunei, Guinea Bissau, Benin, and Sierra Leone. Turkey exported to these countries in 2021.

Exports to Germany Increased the Most

The hazelnut and its products sector saw the highest increase in exports to Germany on a quantity basis in 2021. The exports of the sector to Germany increased by 98.9 million dollars during this period. Following Germany in terms of exports, an increase of 92.8 million dollars was reported for Italy, 26.8 million dollars for France, 26.5 million dollars for China, and 16.3 million dollars for Poland. 

The hazelnut industry's exports to China totaled 79.5 million dollars. Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and the United States saw the greatest reduction in sector exports in terms of quantity. Foreign sales of hazelnuts and related products to Canada fell by 29.9 million dollars. Furthermore, exports to Mexico fell by $22.2 million. Exports to Saudi Arabia fell by $8.4 million. Exports to Austria fell by $5.5 million.

On a provincial basis, Trabzon exported the most again in the hazelnut and its products sector with 781.9 million dollars in the mentioned period.