Turkey's Southeast Region Breaks a Massive Record in Exports

Turkey continues to break records in terms of exports. In August, the Southeast region achieved massive success with 2 thousand 508 exporters. In August, exports amounted to 1 billion 86 million 570 thousand dollars in the region. Turkey's overall exports in August surpassed 21.3 billion dollars.

Southeastern Anatolia Exporters' Association (GAİB) announced the regional export figures for August. When compared to August of the previous year, the Southeastern Anatolia Region augmented its exports. Exports increased by 5.8 percent and reached 1 billion 86 million 570 thousand dollars. Gaziantep, one of the most popular and developed cities in the Southeast region, has seen an increase of 6.4 percent in exports. It reached 917 million 865 thousand dollars.

Gaziantep Comes to the Fore

The export figures for August were evaluated by Ahmet Fikret Kileci, Coordinator President of Southeastern Anatolia Exporters' Associations. According to Kileci, the regions of Gaziantep and also Southeastern Anatolia had the highest number of exporters in August. He noted that Gaziantep was the 5th province in Turkey with the greatest export volume in August. Kileci applauded exporters for continuing to produce and export despite the negative effects of the Russia-Ukraine war. "I congratulate each and every employee who contributes to the economy of the region and the country with their export performance and participation from a to z in the export process that defies all difficulties." Kileci also stated.

According to the information provided by Fikret Kileci, the Southeastern Anatolia region realized 2,508 exports during the month of August. Furthermore, the number of companies exporting from Gaziantep has been estimated to be 1,764. In August 2022, it is noted that 119 Turkish companies exported for the first time. Kileci used the terms, "It is a wonderful delight for many companies in our region, notably Gaziantep, to move forward into export."

Most Exports were Made to the Middle East and European Union countries

The coordinator President announced the region's top export product groups. Machine-made carpets, pastry items, yarns, fabrics, milling products, plastics, related products, and vegetable oils are all included on the list. In addition, many other countries and corporations imported additional food products, iron and steel items, and wood and forest products.

Kileci reported that exports were made to a total of 192 countries between January and August of 2022. The list of Southeastern Anatolia Region exporting countries has been published. A huge number of countries are mentioned in the list. Middle Eastern countries take the leading rank with a share of 40.5 percent. The European Union is in second place with a share of 16.9% and African countries are in third place with a share of 15.4%.

According to Kileci, Iraq, the USA, Syria, England, Italy, Germany, Iran, Israel, Libya, and Djibouti are also importing countries. In the whole month of August, exports were made to 170 countries in accordance with their demands. “In order to improve these statics, even more, we take care to establish contacts with different countries and expand our market. As the most important and concrete step taken in this regard, the analysis of the Far Countries Strategy within the body of the Ministry of Commerce was launched’’ Kileci stated.

Gaziantep Showed Success in the Ratio of Imports to Exports

Gaziantep grew into one of Turkey's top exporting provinces in 2022, with exports totaling $6.8B in the January-August period of 2022. Kileci noted that the ratio of exports to imports has been a massive achievement. Gaziantep proved its success once again when compared to the other cities of Turkey, with a level of 122.8 percent. In addition, he stated that the sectors to which the most exports were made are textiles and raw materials. They were followed by cereals-pulses, oilseeds and products, carpets, chemicals, wood, and forest products.

Fikret Kileci also presented the export figures of other provinces that entered the field of activity of GAİB in August 2022. According to the data given by Kileci, Kahramanmaraş took place in the top 3 by importing 124.4 million dollars.  Mardin with 98.3 million dollars and Malatya with 34.2 million dollars were also in the top 3. In the rest of the list, Diyarbakir took place with 27.9 million dollars. Şanlıurfa followed with 22.4 million dollars and Kilis with 8,2 million dollars. Lastly, Adıyaman exceeded 9.2 million dollars in exports.

The Southeastern Anatolia Region, which is one of the developing regions of Turkey, maintains its success with the production of numerous items. In addition to ranking 5th region in terms of exports in Turkey, the percentage improvement compared to previous years is notable. According to the statistics given by Fikret Kileci and Southeastern Anatolia Exporters' Association, Gaziantep is getting closer to completing its 2022 targets day by day.