Turkey’s Tangerine Export Target for 2022 Is $650M

In 2021, Turkey exported tangerines worth 453 million dollars. The country’s export target for 2022, on the other hand, is 650 million dollars.

As we approach the end of 2022, export targets have surfaced again. Turkey started the tangerine season recently. Due to the opening of the season, the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporter’s Association held an event. “Mandarin Harvest Ceremony” which took place in Gümüldür, İzmir, is famous for producing the world-famous and delicious satsuma tangerine. 

During the event, Turkey’s success in the export of tangerines was emphasized. Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporter’s Association President Hayrettin Uçak spoke. Noting that tangerine was the export champion in 2021, he remarked on Turkey’s success. 

5% of Tangerines are Produced in Turkey

Hayrettin Uçak commented on Turkey’s success in tangerine exports. According to Uçak, 140 million dollars of tangerine exports were obtained from satsuma tangerine. In fact, Turkey accounts for 5 tangerines in every 100 tangerines around the world. In Izmir, 175 thousand tons of satsuma tangerine were produced. 

Uçak noted the production and export success of Turkey in his speech. He started his speech with good wishes for the new season. “I wish that the tangerine season, which is the most exported product among fresh fruit and vegetable products, will be beneficial for our country, our producers and exporters.”

Uçak continued his speech by emphasizing Turkey’s position in tangerine production and export in the world. “Turkey ranks third after China in Spain in tangerine production. We are again in third place after China and South Africa in exports. As Turkey, we exported 930 thousand tons of tangerines worth 453 million dollars to 72 countries in 2021. We exported 58 percent of the tangerines we produced.” 

Turkey’s Tangerine Export Target for 2022

Further commenting on the importance of tangerines for Turkey, he also shared their export target for 2022. “These figures reveal how important tangerine is for our country. Our goal in tangerine exports in 2022 is to bring 650 million dollars in foreign currency to our country in exchange for 1 million tons of tangerines.” 

With this goal, it seems that Turkey will continue to be an important trade partner in terms of tangerine exports in the world. Meanwhile, tangerine is expected to be the export champion once again by the end of the year. 

Uncertainty in Russia

Russia is one of the leading markets in Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports. Due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the future of the market remains uncertain. Hayrettin Uçak also commented on this issue by stating that the uncertainty in Russia and the recession in Europe was worrying.

New Upcoming Projects for Tangerine

Continuing his speech regarding tangerine production and exports in Turkey, Uçak shared exciting news. According to Uçak, the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporter’s Association decided to implement two new projects. 

Preventing Food Waste

Accordingly, the first project focuses on food waste. Uçak said that they carried out a project in collaboration with Ege University. He stated that between 10-30% of the fruits were wasted in Turkey. With this new project implemented, they are aiming to minimize the waste that occurs during the harvesting and storage processes. They are planning to determine the causes of the waste and provide the necessary training to resolve the issue. 

Hayrettin Uçak remarked that they worked with an experienced team from Ege University and carried out studies on certain products such as pomegranates, tomatoes and tangerines. He noted that they would share the results of the project once the first year was concluded.

Good Agricultural Practices

Uçak mentioned the second project as well. According to Uçak, the second one is the Dissemination of Good Agricultural Practices Project. He added that they were carrying out this project in collaboration with the İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry. Within the scope of the project, 1000 producers from various districts will be followed, inspected and documented closely from the production to the export of the products. 

95% of Tangerines are Suitable for Export

The Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporter’s Association has been carrying out another project named “We Know the Pesticides We Use.” The project analyzes and showcases the suitability of food products for export. Hayrettin Uçak remarked that, as a result of this analysis, 95 percent of the tangerines from various regions are suitable for export.

This information highlights Turkey’s success in the production and export of tangerines. Because Turkey does not only produce high-quality and delicious tangerines that the entire world enjoys, but also these tangerines are safe and suitable to be exported. As a result, Turkish exporters continue to be trustworthy partners in international trade.