Turkey's Target in Pasta Export is 1.5 Million Tons

Turkey exported 876 thousand tons of pasta in the first eight months of 2022. Turkish Pasta Industrialists aim to increase this export to 1.5 million tons by the end of 2022.

Turkish Pasta Manufacturers Association (TMSD) President Aykut Göymen stated that October 25 World Pasta Day was taken into consideration with the proposal of the Turkish government. 

Turkey Exported 876 thousand tons in the first 8 months of 2022

Turkey is one of the most important markets in the world's pasta industry, exporting pasta to approximately 160 countries every year. It ranks second in the world in pasta export after Italy. Also, Turkey is among the top ten in the world in pasta consumption and per capita. Pasta consumption in Turkey is around 8.5 kilograms per year. 

Turkey is increasing its export figures every year thanks to the latest technology machines and quality raw materials used in pasta production. In the January-June period of 2022, pasta exports increased by 3.6 percent in quantity compared to the same period of the previous year and increased by 32.1% in value.

Turkey exported 876 thousand tons in the first 8 months of 2022. Also, Turkey has obtained approximately 627 million dollars of foreign exchange income from these exports. Wheat pasta constitutes 95% of Turkey's pasta export. Togo, Benin, Venezuela, Ghana, and Japan are among the countries that import the most pasta from Turkey.

Significant Increase in Pasta Exports

President Aykut Göymen stated that “A remarkable increase is observed in Turkey's pasta export. One of the biggest reasons for this is the removal of the pasta quota restrictions imposed by the EU. In 2021, Turkey produced around 2 million 200 thousand tons in total. Approximately 1 million 400 thousand tons of this production were exported, and the rest was consumed in the domestic market. At the end of 2022, the export target for pasta is 1.5 million tons.” 

Fertile Lands of Anatolia and Mesopotamia

Göymen made the following important statements about the pasta produced in Turkey: “The quality of the pasta is directly related to the quality of durum wheat from which the semolina is produced. The homeland of durum wheat is Anatolian and Mesopotamian lands. For this reason, pasta produced from durum wheat grown in Turkey, especially in the Southeast Region, is very delicious. In addition, the quality of durum wheat grown in Anatolia is known by the whole world.” 

Turkish Pasta Manufacturers Association has been able to produce special products by concentrating on research and development studies in recent years and has started to take the lead in the competition. The quality and technological production of durum wheat has highlighted the quality of Turkish pasta and this led to an increase in exports.

Pasta Industry is Important for Export and Employment

Göymen added the following to his explanations: “Nowadays, the Turkish pasta industry employs 40 thousand people. These 40 thousand people only include those working in the factory. In addition, there are the farmers who plant and grow the wheat and the people who provide the supply and logistics of the pasta. From this point of view, the pasta industry is an industry where millions of people earn their income.”

Pasta Production in the World and Turkey

According to 2021 International Pasta Organization (IPO) data, world pasta production is 16.9 million tons. Turkey is the world's third-largest pasta producer and second pasta exporter. Unlike other producer countries, all pasta factories in Turkey produce the semolina required for pasta production by themselves.

According to TUIK data, Turkey exported 1 million 365 thousand tons of pasta in terms of amount and 776 million 175 thousand 622 dollars in value in 2021. Also, in the January-June period of 2022, pasta export was realized as 665 thousand 469 tons in amount and 466 million 92 thousand 324 dollars in value. The countries that Turkey exports the most pasta to are Africa, South America, Asia, and EU countries, respectively. Turkey is among the leading countries in the world in both production and export in the pasta sector. It is also a major exporter and producer of quality durum wheat.

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